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Vendor TBA NOV Brandt VSM 300 shaker screens for oil drilling

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Vendor TBA NOV Brandt VSM 300 shaker screens for oil drilling

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City & Province hebei
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Product Details



Vendor TBA NOV Brandt VSM 300 shaker screens for oil drilling


1: Quick Detail


Product name: VSM300 Shale Shaker Screen

Brand Name: XINGHUO

Usage: Solids control equipment

Type: Filter Elements

Size: 885*676mm

Hole Shape: RHD, XR, XL, XF

Filter Rating: 99%

API Mesh: 20-325 mesh

Oil, Rust & Delamination Resistance: Water-base oil-base

Rust grade: A 


2: Technical Specifications


ItemAPI RP 13C DesignationlayersCut Point 100(micron)



Non-Blanked Area:sq.ftWeight (Kg)Dimensions (W" x L")Mesh Type
Brandt VSM 300 Primary Shale Shaker ScreenAPI 202/3913.021.524.311.0686*885mmXR
API 302/3575.014.774.311.0686*885mmXR
API 402/3411.06.434.311.0686*885mmXR
API 502/3275.04.634.311.0686*885mmXR
API 602/3233.04.094.311.0686*885mmXR
API 702/3220.03.554.311.0686*885mmXR
API 802/3193.03.354.311.0686*885mmXR
API 1002/3160.02.664.311.0686*885mmXR
API 1002/3142.02.634.311.0686*885mmXR
API 1002/3140.02.134.311.0686*885mmXR
API 1202/3117.01.874.311.0686*885mmXR
API 1402/3116.01.214.311.0686*885mmXR
API 1702/388.00.994.311.0686*885mmXR
API 2002/380.00.864.311.0686*885mmXR
API 2302/361.00.664.311.0686*885mmXR
API 2702/357.00.514.311.0686*885mmXR
API 3252/343.00.384.311.0686*885mmXR

3: Main features


1) These products screen pan

els are constructed with two or three 304 or 316 stainless steel wire cloth layers with a steel backing plate and steel frame combined together.because of different mesh size and hole size,get an better filtering effect.


2) The bottom high strength steel frame,supporting bar with the moderate tension screen cl

oth,combined together, infinitely enhance the screen intensity and endurance, get an better fitering effective. Mesh sizes ranging from 20 to 325,specially customized.


3) Steel backing plate forms usually include hexagonal, rectangular,square,diamond and so on.

the whole cloth is divided into independent small surfaces,prevent the part excessive expansion damaged.,with a special rubber plug together to repair damage, can save the time to replace the screen,Increase the efficiency and reduce the cost.


4: Application


Widely used in petroleum drilling machine. Especially,it is the important fitting of drilling slurry purified equipment; for acid,alkali conditions screening and filtering;used as Mud network for the oil industry,chemical fiber industry for filter screen, electroplate industry to make pickling network,etc.


5: FAQ


1. Are you a manufacturer or a distributer?

We are a factory.

2. How about your production capacity?

We can manufacture 60000 pieces shaker screens one year.

3. Can you provide free samples?

Yes, we can provide free samples for clients’ testing.

4. What is the material of your cloth?

SS 304 or SS316, according to clients demand.

5. What are the advantages of your shaker screens?

Long working life, higher flow rate, corrosion-resisting, heat-resisting, wear-resisting, easy disassembly, trapping (dreg) effect is good, current design, API compliant shaker screens.


6: Pictures













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