ST-9 Rusty screw disassembly apparatus,Quick Remove Rusting Screw,Remove rusty screw tool

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ST-9 Rusty screw disassembly apparatus,Quick Remove Rusting Screw,Remove rusty screw tool

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Remove rusty screw tool

Important :read these operating and safety

Instructions before using the Apparatus


ST-9 Rusty screw disassembly apparatus


Operating and safety instructions

Specializing in high performance induction heating



All rights reserved. No part of this document shall be reproduced , stored in a retrieval system or Transmitted by any means ,electronic , mechanical, optical ,magnetic, photocopy, Printing or otherwise , except by written permission of the author or induction innovations , no Patent liability is assumed with respect to the information contained herein


Warning and disclaimer of use

Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy and completeness of this manual , but no

Warranty or fitness is implied ,this information is provided on an as is bases ,the authors and Induction innovations inc , shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity With respect to any loss or damages, direct or indirect , arising from use of the information Contained in this document


Table of contents

1,safety rules

  1. General work area safety rules
  2. Personal safety rules
  3. Electrical safety rules
  4. Fire hazard safety rules
  5. Tool use safety rules


  1. Inductor Apparatus components

3, principles of operation

4, preparation for use

A.Generator &inverter use



5, using the preformed coil

A ,loosening corroded, rusted and “frozen ”nuts and bolts ≤3/4

6,using the u-form coil

  1. loosening corroded, rusted and “frozen” nuts and bolts >3/4
  2. heat shrinking hail/soft dents in sheet metal

7,using the bearing buddy coil

  1. expanding a piece to remove an interlocking part

8,using the mini-pad (optional)

A. removing bonded on parts

9, troubleshooting

10, disassembly & storage

11,cleaning instructions
A.proper cleaning care

B. improper cleaning care

12, warranty & repairs

A.limited warranty



  1. safety rules for using the inductor apparatus
  1. general work area safety rules

read and understand all instructions . failure to follow all

instructions listed below may result in electric shock , fire , and/or serious

personal injury.

Keep you work area clean and well illuminated . cluttered and dark

Areas invite accidents

Keep bystanders ,children, visitors and animals away while

Operating the Mini- doctor II . these beings may create distractions

That cause you to lose control of the Apparatus

Work outdoors , if there is no danger of rain , water or moisture , if

This is not possible , keep the inside work area well ventilated and dry.

Be sure that ventilation fans are moving air from the inside to the Outside

Keep a fully charged fire extinguisher at hand at all times when Using the Apparatus

  1. personal safety rules

do not operate the Apparatus ,and stay at least three feet

away from an operating Apparatus , if you have a cardiac

pacemaker or any other kind of electronic or metal surgical

implant ,although the magnetic fields emanating from the tools travel

only a few inches , they pose a dangerous risk to the proper operation of

all implanted medical electronic devices in the user and any bystanders .

thus , it is necessary that people with electronic or metallic medical

implants do not use the Apparatus or come within three feet of

it when it is in use in case an accident should occur and the tool in use is

inadvertently and unexpectedly brought near the person with the

D o not operate the Apparatus while wearing any metallic

Items such as jewelry , rings ,watches , chains, identification tags,

Religious medals , belt buckles , body piercing hardware , etc. the

Apparatus can heat these metallic objects very quickly and cause

Serious burns or even ignite clothing.

Do not operate the Apparatus while under the influence of

Drugs , alcohol or any medication

Do not overreach , keep proper footing and balance at all times ,

Proper footing and balance enables better control of the Apparatus

in unexpected situations

do not use the Apparatus within 4 inches of any airbag

component , the heat created from the Apparatus can ignite the

airbag propellant , causing it to explode without warning , refer to the

vehicles service manual for precise airbag location before operating.

Personal safety rules continued

Remove all loose coins , metallic tokens , keys ,chains , pocket

Knives , miniature tools , or any other metallic object in or on your

Clothing before operating the Apparatus . do not replace

These items until you are finished using the Apparatus . the

Apparatus can heat these metallic objects very quickly and

Cause serious burns or even ignite clothing .

Do not wear clothing that is made with metallic pocket rivets ,

Waist band buttons , pocket buttons , and zippers when operating

The Apparatus . the Apparatus can heat such metallic

Items very quickly and cause serious bums or even ignite clothing

Always wear safety goggles when using the Apparatus

Fumes and smoke form hot/burning adhesives are toxic .wear

A dual filter (dust and fume) respirator mask which has been

Approved by the occupational safety and health

Administration (OSHA), the national institute of safety and

Health (NIOSH), or the united states bureau of mines , these

Masks and replaceable filters are readily available at major

Hard ware stores . be sure the mask fits , beards and facial hair may

Keep masks from sealing properly , change filters often .


Wear heat-resistant gloves when using the Apparatus .the

Apparatus heats metal very quickly .you can burn your hands

And figers when trying to remove parts from hot metal surfaces

  1. electrical safety rules

do not use the Apparatus in the rain , moisture or immerse

in water . exposing the apparatus to water or other liquids

may cause an electrical shock hazard.


Electrical safety rules continued


Do not abuse the electrical cord . never use the cord to carry the

Apparatus . keep the cord away from heat , oil ,sharp edges

And /or moving parts , do not use the Apparatus if the cord is

Damaged . cords cannot be repaired , only replaced . damaged cords

Create electric shock hazards .


Disconnect the Apparatus power supply cord from the

Outlet before changing any of the applicators


Unplug the Apparatus from the power supply outlet or

Cord when not in use


Extension cords:

If an extension cord is necessary , only the following two cord

Lengths are authorized for use with the Apparatus


2005 foot ,14-AWG

50-ft , 12-AWG

Use only one extension cord at any one time

Do not connect two or more extension cords in series with each



Do not use any other extension cords except those specified

Above , unwrap extension cords – tightly wrapped extension

Cords can overheat and cause fires .


  1. fire hazard safety rules

do not attempt to heat aerosol cans , paint cans , or any pressurized

containers used for storing fuels , compressed gases ,and liquids .the

heat generated by the Apparatus can cause these containers to

explode and their contents to ignite


do not use any heating coil if insulation has been breached . if

insulation has been breached it will cause sparking when contacting with

a vehicle . this will be a fire hazard especially when working on or near

gas lines and /or gas tanks


E . tool use safety rules

Do not leave the Apparatus unattended when it is on


Make sure that the power unit has a sufficient supply of air for cooling .

Make sure that the vents of the Apparatus power unit are

Clean and free of dust and debris so that the power unit has an unimpeded

Flow of cooling air .





Do not attempt to repair or service the Apparatus . there are no

User-serviceable parts except for replacing the coil attachments

Before plugging in the Apparatus , make sure that the outlet

Voltage supplied is compatible with voltage marked on the

Nameplate within 10% , an outlet voltage incompatible with that

Specified on the nameplate can result in serious hazards and damage to

The Apparatus

Do not twist or bend electrical cord sharply ,or damage to internal

Wiring may result

Do not use the Apparatus longer than the duty cycle . the circuit

Board has an overheat protection device for protection , however the

Electrodes do not have overheat protection device for protection , however the

Electrodes do not have overheat protection , duty cycle :2 minutes on

2 minutes off .



  1. Inverter
  2. Serial Plate
  3. Storage case
  4. Model
  5. Cord plug 220AC
  6. Vent
  7. Preformed Coil work Coil

8,Bearing Buddy work Coil

9,U-Form Coil work coil

10,Mini-Pad work coil

11,Owners Manual

12,Power Switch


14,Thumb Screw



The power cord ,when connected to a GFI outlet, (11) insures a properly grounded 220 VAC power input connection .The inverter (1) steps up ordinary 220 volt, 60 Hz alternating line current. A work coil, the Bearing Buddy Coil (8), U-Form Coil (9),Preformed Coil (7), or Mini-Pad (10),is inserted into the end of the electrodes (13) and then secured into place with the thumb screws (14),The coil then converts the current to a high frequency alternating magnetic field .This magnetic field crosses the metallic, conductive work surface (e. g, the frozen nut) and vibrates the electrons in the metal through the principle of electromagnetic induction. The kinetic energy of the moving electrons is dissipated as heat ,which warns whatever metal is within the tool’s working range. The more easily magnetized a substance is, the greater the heat developed in it. That is why the apparatus heats ferrous metals and their alloys readily, but has no effect on glass, plastics wood, cloth and other non-conductive materials. The power switch (12) is used to turn the inverter on and off. Push it in to turn on power to the unit. The unit will remain ON as long as pressure is applied to the switch, Remove pressure from the switch to turn the power OFF. Record the serial number from the serial number plate (2) on the

inverter to the enclosed Warranty Card and mail.


Read and understand all safety warnings and cautions in this manual before operating the operating the apparatus
A. Generator & Inverter Use

The apparatus is designed to operate from a-normal 220 volt alternating current (VAC),50 or 60 Hz (cycles per second )power line or service outlet, and will operate with out suffering damage on voltages up to 230 VAC.

1. Generator :Some portable generators, particularly low-cost units producing 4 kW or less, are unregulated and can produce in excess of 240 VAC which will damage the unit and void the warranty . If you are in doubt concerning the electrical generator that will be supplying power to the apparatus , have a professional electrical contractor measure the generator engine warm and no load .

2. Inverter: DC to AC Inverter operation; Use only 1.8 kw ( Prosine TM 1800 is recommended) or larger sine wave inverter. The use of square or quasi-sine wave inverter will void the warranty. Call Induction Innovations, before using your apparatus for instructions on how to proceed if you have any questions regarding the instructions furnished above.


V. Using the Preformed Coil TM

Function: The Preformed Coil TM(7) is used to heat nuts, fasteners, caulking removal, frozen door hinges, exhaust manifold bolts, truck under bed bolts, Sensors (O2)etc.

The life of the Preformed Coil TM can be extended by only heating will eventually burn through when holding directly to hot nuts.

  1. Loosening Corroded, Rusted and "Frozen" Nuts and Bolts<3/4"

Step 1 Perform the "Preparation for Use " instructions.

Step 2 Push the power switch to activate the Apparatus.

Step 3 Bring the Preformed Coil tm around the frozen nut, with a wrench or socket. If it is still frozen, apply the Preformed Coil tm for another two seconds. And then try the wrench again. There is usually no reason to heat a nut to a red-hot condition in order to free it from the corrosion holding it the bolt.


Function: The U-Form Coil can be shaped to perform any of the previous coils jobs, custom part removal, and Hail/Soft dent removal.

  1. Loosening Corroded, Rusted and "Frozen" Nuts and Bolts > 3/4 "

Step 1 Perform the "Preparation for Use" instructions.

Step 2 Configure the coil to the size nut by wapping it around a socket piece for that nut .

Tip: The more coil winds you can get the faster it will heat.

Step 3 Insert both ends of the U-Form coil into the electrodes and tighten thumb screws.

Step 4 Bring the U-form TM Coil around the frozen nut, initially for only two seconds, back it away, and try to remove the nut with a wrench or socket. If it is still frozen, apply the U-Form Coil TM for another two seconds. And then try condition in order to free it from the corrosion holding it to the bolt.

B. Heat Shrinking Hail / Soft Dents in Sheet Metal

Step 1 Perform the "Preparation for Use " instructions.

Step 2 Configure the Coil to look like the diagram on the right .

Step 3 Holding the U-form coil 1/2 to 1 inch above a dent, move it

in a small circular motion and gradually bring it closer to the dent,

but keeping it around the outside of the crown of the dent. As soon

as the dent shrinks, back the U-Form Coil away quickly and cool

the treating dent with a damp rag. If the dent sucks in you are

heating the crown or not far enough around the outside of the

crown. Repeat the procedure until removed completely.

Tip: Once a puff of smoke releases from the dent immediately remove the U-Form Coil from the area. This is the point at which the paint will start to bubble. Also be careful on white and light colored finishes, these lighter paints tend to yellow sooner than darker colors.

Trouble Shooting: If the dent doesn't seem to want to shrink, this may be because there is a crease in the metal or the metal has been stretched to far.


Function: The Bearing Buddy Coil TM (8) is used to free a race from an axle housing, frozen O2 Sensors, remove ball joints, & tie-roc ends.

  1. Expanding a piece to remove an interlocking part

Step 1 Perform the "Preparation for Use" instructions.

Step 2 Insert one end of the Bearing Buddy Coil into one of the electrodes and tighten thumb screw.

Step 3 Wrap the coil at least 3 times around the work piece to be expanded.

Tip: The more coil winds you have the faster it will heat.

Step 4 Insert the other end into the remaining open electrode and tighten the thumb screw.

Step 5 Push the power switch to activate the apparatus

Step 6 Heat until expanded enough to remove the race.

Step 7 Release the power switch and loosen both thumbscrews to remove the Bearing Buddy Coil.

VIII. USING THE MINI-PAD tm(optional )

Function: The Mini-Pad TM (10) is used for removing stickers, decals, graphics, emblems, small body side moldings, and pin striping.

  1. Removing Bonded on parts.

Step 1 Perform the "Preparation for Use" instructions.

Step 2 Insert both Mini-Pad ends into the electrodes and right thumb screws.

Step 3 Push the power switch to activate the apparatus.

Step 4 Apply the Mini-Pad to the end of the desired part to be removed for a couple seconds. Once you are able to peel the start of the part off, you will have an area you can pull on to keep outward pressures going. Re-apply the Mini-Pad to the part , working it down the part while keeping outward pressure until the part is completely removed.

IX. Trouble Shooting
The Apparatus R inverter is designed to stop running if overheated, however, the electrodes DO NOT have an overheat shutoff. This is why there is a duty cycle with the apparatus Two minutes on two minutes off. If the unit stops suddenly; check to insure unit is still plugged into a functioning AC power outlet. Also be sure if using an extension cord that there are no cuts in the cord, Allow the unit to cool off for at least 30 minutes and then restart. If problems persist call Induction Innovations,

1.If there is a lack of power output, this may be from using an improper extension cord or a damaged attachment. The proper gauge and length cord is 25 ft. 14-AWG or 50-ft, 12-AWG. Do not use more than one extension cord at once.

1. For other problems contact Induction Innovations,

X. Disassembly and Storage

Turn unit off and allow the unit and all working coils to cool for at least 30 minutes before disassembly, cleaning or storage. Handling the unit or parts before they have cooled may result in injury; storage of unit while still hot may result in damage to equipment or pose a fire hazard.

Step 1 When you are finished working, turn the power OFF by releasing the power switch and make sure that the internal fan stops.

Step 2 Disconnect the plug(11)from the service outlet or extension cord.

Step 3 place unit and coils into foam cutouts in storage case.

XI . Cleaning instructions

  1. Proper Cleaning Care

Step 1 Make sure unit is off and unplugged .Use a dry ,clean ,non-abrasive

cloth or paper towel to remove grease ,oil ,and other dirt from the inverter,

tools ,and electrical cords before retuning them to the storage case.

Step 2 For grease ,oil and dirt is more difficult to remove use generally

Available nonvolatile automotive interior cleaning products.

Allow all components to dry completely before using the apparatus.

  1. Improper Cleaning Care

Do NOT immerse any components of the unit min water or a cleaning


Do NOT spray the unit with a stream of water from a hose ,or wash any

Parts under a stream of water from a faucet ,hydrant or shower.

Do NOT clean any components with volatile organic compounds such as

gasoline ,benzene ,kerosene ,methyl ethyl ketone (MEK),fuel oil ,brake

part cleaners ,paint remover and thinners ,varnish removers ,plastic

adhesive solvents ,etc .These substances are fire hazards and will harden or

dissolve the polymer materials used in the apparatus components .

Do NOT use heat guns ,space heaters ,microwave or gas ovens ,etc .

To dry the components of the apparatus after cleaning.


    1. Company repair apparatus to any of the components, if any defects in materials and workmanship, within one year warranty, excluding all the work coil. During the operation, according to the safety instruction manual work. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser, as proof of purchase to provide. My company, the unit returned for repair under warranty . Include only the cost of parts and labor recovery products appropriate operating conditions. Transport and incidental expenses and warranty repair is not free of charge within the warranty period, the warranty service. Only by our company, this warranty does not cover defects caused by misuse, abuse, neglect of accident, normal wear and tear, alteration, modification, alteration, or repair any person other than the manufacturing. The express warranty is in lieu of any other warranty express or implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Some do not allow the exclusion or limitation is incidental or consequential damages or the limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which are in different states. Unless the warranty card return date within 30 days of purchase or exchange warranty void. Any unit will need to provide proof of purchase. Shipping will be at the consumers themselves produce cost. Return shipping will be in the factory units repair of warranty cost. Return shipping will be through the ground, unless the consumer willingness to pay faster service, our company is not responsible for the shipping unit caused by lost or stolen or damaged.

XIIIX .Definitions

Anneal: to heat metals to remove or prevent internal stress.

Ampere: the base SI unit of electrical current ,equivalent to one coulomb pcr

second. .Abbreviation :A, amp .

AWG:] abbreviation for American Wire Gauge.

Capacitance: the property of being able to collect a charge of electricity.

Symbol :C

Celsius : or centigrade,’ Of or relating to a temperature scale that registers the freezing

Point of water as 0°and the boiling point as 100°under normal atmospheric pressure.

Circuit: Also called electric circuit,. the complete path of an electric current , including the

generating apparatus, intervening resistors ,or capacitors.

Concentrator : a registered product name inductor used for removal of hail

dents ,frozen nuts ,and other frozen or rusted hardware from cars.

Conductivity: Also called specific conductance. Electricity. a measure of the

Ability of a given substance to conduct electric current ,equal to the reciprocal of the resistance of

the substance. Symbol :σ

Current: the time rate of flow of electric charge, in the direction that a positive moving

Charge would take and having magnitude equal to the quantity of charge per unit time :measured in


Degree: a unit of measure ,as temperature or pressure.

Eddy Current: an electric current in a conducting material that results from

induction by a moving or varying magnetic field.

Electromagnetic Interference: Any electromagnetic

Disturbance what interrupts, obstructs, or otherwise degrades or limits the effective performance of

electronics /electrical equipment .abbreviation E.M.I.

Fahrenheit: Of or relating to a temperature scale that registers the freezing point

Of water as 32°and the boiling point as 212°at one atmosphere of pressure

Farad: the SI unit of capacitance, formally defined to be the capacitance of a capacitor

between the plates of which there appears a potential difference of one volt when it is charged by a

quantity of electricity equal to one coulomb .Symbol :F



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