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50-250mm Mini Electric Linear Cylinder / Electric Rotary Actuator Ball Screw Drive

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50-250mm Mini Electric Linear Cylinder / Electric Rotary Actuator Ball Screw Drive

Country/Region china
City & Province suzhou jiangsu
Categories Heat Insulation Materials

Product Details

50~250mm Linear Actuator,Ball Screw Drive Electric Cylinder With Grating Ruler

1. Operational Principle


The is a electric linear actuator motion that converts the rotating motion of the motor into the push rod through the rotating motion of the screw and the screw pair. By using the closed-loop control characteristic of servo motor, the precision control of thrust, speed and position can be realized conveniently, and the program can be realized by using modern motion control technology, numerical control technology and bus (network) technology. Because of its control and convenience, it can realize the precision motion control that cylinder and hydraulic cylinder drive can not realize.




2. Compared With Hydraulic Cylinder &


Pneumatic Cylinders




 ItemsElectric cylinderHydraulic cylinderPneumatic Cylinders





Cost comparison




EnvironmentalOil leakHigh noise
SafetySafeOil leakGas leak
Energy lossLow lossHigh lossHigh loss
LifetimeVery LongCan be long with proper maintenanceCan be long with proper maintenance
Cost performanceExcellentOrdinaryOrdinary
MaintenanceAlmost maintenance freeFrequent & high costRegular & high cost






Function comparison

VelocityVery highMediumHigh
AccelerationVery highMediumHigh
RigidityVery highLowLow
Load abilityHighHighMedium
Shock resistance ability







Location controlEasyHardHard
Location precisionVery highMediumMedium




3. Application areas:



★ Military equipment:radar, missile erector, armored vehicle swing platform, special equipment and other warships and aircraft hatch,opening, seat height adjustment, weapon tracking system,actuator,experimental lifting support, tank artillery high and low direction action adjustment, The push of rocket fuel, the opening of furnace door, etc.


★ Special equipment:industrial automation production line, assembly line, logistics transmission, lifting platform, offset control, valve control, coordinate manipulator, mechanical equipment CT Kama knife, food and medicine industry, CNC machine tools, industry packaging machine, Automotive electronic press, textile equipment winding machine indexing, die position control, clamping, drilling, positioning.


★ Experimental Equipment: Simulation platform, test bed, wave machine, testing equipment etc.


This type is especially suitable for :warp knitting machine, fast speed and quick response



4. Why choose us?


1. Compact structure and small dimension.

2. High rigidity, low inertness and fast response.

3. High reliability and long operating life.

4. Energy saving&less noise.

5. Convenient assembly and use,simple maintenance.

6. One years of quality assurance, life - long maintenance service.



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