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Two Wheel Stand Up Self Balancing Scooter With Bluetooth Speakers Super Bass

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Two Wheel Stand Up Self Balancing Scooter With Bluetooth Speakers Super Bass

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Product Details

10 Inch Self Balancing Scooter With Super Bass Bluetooth Speaker


Function describe:


1. Motor:350W rear hub Brushless
2. Battery:Lithium Polymer Batteries /18650/36v 10.4ah/15.4ah/18.4ah
3. Charger:220/110V, 50 - 60Hz
4. Scooter Weight: 12 kg
5. Max load :100kg   
6. Max Cruise speed :10 km/h


Two Wheel Balance Scooter Specifications:


Model NameVenky-ESU010Max climing angles15°
Dimension600mm*200mm*180mm (L*W*H)Min turning radius
Chassis clearance50mmLi-ion battery36V, 4.4AH
Pedal Hight130mmMotor Power700W (350 W*2)
Tyre size170mm (6.5inch)Battery Capacity158W/h
Body Weight10.5 kgCharging RequirementsAC90-240V/50-60hz
Max load120 kgCharging time1.0 --3 hours
Max Cruise speed12 kms/hOvercharge ProtectionYES
Max mileage20 kmBattery indicator modeLED lights
OverSpeed Tipwarning sound + The pedal will tiltWaterproof and dustproof levelIP54
N.W.13 kgWorking temperature-20°~50°
G.W.14.5 kgStorage temperature-20°~50°
Package640*240*235cmCharging temperature-15°~50°
Package withScooter, Charger, English 's Guide
Color optionalBlack,Red,Blue,White, Gold (Other color accept customerized)
Safety and protection:
   1, Tilt protection: The motor stops working when body swing degree is over 35;
   2, Overspeed protection: The pedal will tilt to prevent acceleration when speed reaches 10km/h;
   3, Low battery protection: Light flashes and buzzer alarms when power is no more than 10%;
How it works : Move according to your body's gravity
   1. To move forward or backward on the mini electric scooter, the rider just leans slightly forward or backward.
   2. To turn left or right, the rider simply moves the foot on left or right pedal.
   3. Stand straightly, you will stop moving.



Two Wheel Balance Scooter Troubleshooting:

1. 2 wheeled scooter self-test checks the balance of the project are: a sensor system quiescent current, dynamic current, motor speed fluctuations.
2. When the 2 wheeled balance fails or self-test fails, you can not resolve, please contact the sales point for help.
3. About service points and related information, please visit our website

Tune the balanceThe off state, will adjust the pedal to the level of state, long press on key 5 seconds can; in the process of adjusting the balance of the first three seconds will 'beep' sound, 5 seconds underwent lights flashing,successful commissioning, shutdown you can restart
Mode switchPower switch is pressed again within 2 seconds
Unable to chargeCheck outlet has power, whether the normal charger indicator lights, charger line connection is good
Unable to startCheck whether the battery has power

Packing list:

Packing list
No.Product nameQuantity
1Main unit1PC
3Instruction Manual1PC
4Warranty Card1PC
5Safe driving,strictly prohibited items1PC



How To Use It:



Driving steps :

Riding electric wheelbarrow total is divided into five steps. Tsai Shen read and follow the instructions to start learning instructions, before the first step has not yet mastered, do not try to step back. This would contribute to a faster, more solid grasp of the basic skills of riding.

1) Grasp the handle with one hand, the electric unicycle upright on the ground, and the two pedals start.
2) Press the power button to turn on the electric power wheelbarrow, then the green light.
3) If it is found there is the red light, do not try to ride.
4) recommended in the direction of the front wheels pull the handle forward and back a few times, feeling the intensity of acceleration and deceleration of the wheel.
Try standing:

1) The one station to the corresponding Foot pedals, attention should stand pedals central location for the entire body weight is transferred to the feet.
2) standing body, standing leg better pay attention to control the front and rear electric wheelbarrow balance and leg abutting chassis with soft pedal board.
3) will be the focus gradually shifted to the bird's foot electric wheelbarrow, the process requires lower leg, foot and motorized wheelbarrow able to form a stable triangular support, otherwise it will be difficult to shift the focus moved to the electric unicycle. In the center of gravity can not be successfully transferred to the electric unicycle on foot to the other foot off the ground for 1-2 seconds before the next step is strongly recommended not to ride.  

1) primary forward:
Like riding a bicycle, as most of the focus will shift to electric wheelbarrow, and gently depress the foot pedal forward, feet on the ground while the bird gently back Yi Deng, electric unicycle will walk forward. Like standing on one foot on the step to maintain the action, like electric wheelbarrow, you need to keep riding during the balance of the body, and needs to be bird foot lightly on the ground quickly put another foot board. This step requires at least 3-5 meters can ride.
 2) Intermediate front line: Come this far, it has been basically normal driving electric wheelbarrow up. In this step needs to pay attention to two points: to maintain a certain speed, back to control the speed by leaning forward. Recommended that the process of continuous riding experience, continue to practice in more confidence in the future can keep riding long distances before proceeding.

 About turn: a beginner like to rotate the upper body approach to turn, but that action is not effective. By adjusting the intensity of the recommendations about stepping foot to adjust the tilt of the body was left turn, through constant practice, expected to reach the turning effect.
Cycling safety:

 At this point, believed to have learned how to ride an electric wheelbarrow. However, it is recommended that the vehicle must be in getting to know the basis of performance, not tried to gradually challenge the action. Powered electric wheelbarrow is limited, over the limit will be unable to support the body electric wheelbarrow, leading from the car to fall, so be sure to drive carefully.

After warranty time:

1. When scooter has problem, please contact our salesman, and send us the  faulty video and describe the problem so that we can confirm the problem with our after-sales service department.
2. Our after-sales service department will deal with the problem within 24 hours because of time difference.
3. Our salesman will contact you and tell you the solve solution. If need replace parts, our salesman will calculate all the cost of the parts for you, after your payment we will send you the new replacement parts immediately by express (3-4 days you can receive it).
4. After sending new replacement parts, our salesman will send you the video to guide how to replace parts.


Company Introduction:


Shenzhen Venky Technology Co.,Ltd is a high technology company in manufacturing and international trading business, founded in 2011. the company adhering to the "people-oriented, the pursuit of innovation" management concept, follow the user experience oriented principle, is committed to the development of health sports and health management as the theme of the high-tech products. Our major products is Self Balancing Electric Scooter or called Two Wheel Electric Skateboard.



1. High quality smart scooter with more competitive price.
2. Good after-sale service
3. 1 Year quality guarantee
4. Fashion design for Adutls
5. Customized your logo design
6. Delivery in time
7. Samples: samples of smart scooter prepared within 1-5 working days
8. OEM or ODM: we customize your own logo and design the product as you require.



Q: Is it possible to OEM customize the scooter and the packaging with our logos? How
     much would it cost?
A: Yes, OEM/customizing is welcome for bulk orders. We could discuss further and will offer
     you a discount and the budget according to your quantity.
Q: What is your payment methods?
A: T/T for bulk orders. Western Union or PayPal for sample.
Q: Are there more colors available?
A: Yes, various standard colors are available, but colors in stock are recommended for the your
     first/trial order to deliver asap!
Q: What is HS code of self balancing scooters?
A: 8711 9010 90, or 9503 0010 00
Q: What do 20'GP, 40'GP and 40'HC mean?
A: 20'GP: 20 feet container (General Purpose)
   40'GP: 40 feet container (General Purpose)
   40'HC: 40 feet container (High Cube)
   For an example, Qty/20'GP 665 pieces means one 20'GP container can fit 665 pieces of this



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