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Zinc Coat Steel Stud Welding Pins With Powerbase For Capacitor Discharge Welder

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Zinc Coat Steel Stud Welding Pins With Powerbase For Capacitor Discharge Welder

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City & Province shijiazhuang hebei
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Zinc Coat steel Stud Welding Pins with Powerbase For Capacitor Discharge Welder


Stud Welding Pins include two types: copper plated weld pins and galvanized coating weld insulation pins.

Stud Welder Pins specification as follows:


Stud Welding Pins​ Material:

  • Available in Mild Steel with copper coating

  • Stainless Steel Type 302HQ

  • Special order Type 310 and Type 316L Stainless Steel

We do not recommend the use of Powerbase pins on metals less than 1/16" thick.

A specialty type of Capacitor Discharge (CD) pin, the Powerbase pin can be welded through mill scale, rusted or painted surfaces, without having to grind/clean the base metal. After the pin is welded to the surface, a self-locking washer is installed to secure the insulation.


SizeDFD (Steel)FD (Aluminum)



1)ship use insulation pins ,insulation nails,insulation washer

2) Sound insulation cotton special welding nail

3) Plate welding nail

4) screw Stud welding nail

5)we can also provide insulation pins use welding machine and screw stud welding machine

6) shear studs

7) aluminum insulation pins,stainless steel insulation pins,self-adhesive insulation pins



Stud Welding Pins packing details:


product detailsbox sizequantity / boxweight / box
11ga 2" long weld pins26x26x8cm4000pcs10.8kgs
11ga 3" long weld pins26x26x8cm2500pcs4.70kgs
11ga 3-1/2" long weld pins26x26x8cm2500pcs5.50kgs
11ga 4" long weld pins26x26x8cm2500pcs6.20kgs
11ga 5" long weld pins26x26x11cm2500pcs7.60kgs

we can't list every size for packing, we can list some sizes for indoemation


Capacitor Discharge CD Stud Welder Welding Machine M3-M8 220V


Custom Self Locking Washers Caps For Insualtion Pins Diameter 20mm,30mm,40mm


metal type self locking washers and Self Locking dome Caps

self locking washers Hole Diameter:

Self Locking Washers – 10GA( 3.4mm), 3mm, 12GA( 2.7mm) 14GA(2.0mm)

Available Sizes (Customize Dimensions or Materials available upon request) :














Mild Steel /SS 304

Mild Steel /SS 304

Mild Steel /SS 304


Beveled or Flat

Beveled or Flat

Beveled or Flat

Self-Locking washers are used with Capacitor Discharge (CD) pins and Insulation Hangers. Washers are available in 10G and 12G and 14 GA Inner diameter. Washers in both sizes are 1-1/2” on the outer diameter and made of stainless steel. Self-Locking round washers are a great fastener to keep insulation in place and offer a profile that minimizes tears in insulation facing


stainless steel and galvanized Insulation Clips with plastic coating


d1 = 40mm

d2 = 2mm, 2,7mm, 3mm,4mm, 5mm, 6mm
andere Abmessungen,sind lieferbar,other dimensions
Available for all of our different insulation pins diameters!
Colours: White, grey or black


Custom Self Locking Washers Caps For Insualtion Pins Diameter 20mm,30mm,40mm

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