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Fast Speed Gate Rfid Tripod Turnstile Finger Print For Attendance

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Fast Speed Gate Rfid Tripod Turnstile Finger Print For Attendance

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
Categories Auto Electrical System

Product Details


Fast Speed Gate Rfid Tripod Turnstile Finger Print For Attendance



Quick Details


  1. Size:1200*280*1000mm
  2. Thick of steel:1.5mm
  3. Communication interface:RS485 electrical standard or TCP/IP
  4. Rod length:510mm


Product Description


The shape like a butterfly Overall plate structure, the box materials using standard 304 stainless steel, streamline arc structure,bottom is equipped with the base during the casing within a professional guide tank. Can be installed in indoor, outdoor with shed, applicable to restrict the passing rate of the place, has the count, attendance, current limiting function.




Functions& Features


1 . Stainless steel box, box-type bevel shape, novel and beautiful, durable.

2 . Waterproof, sunscreen, anti-temperature, anti-cold.

3 . Access Prompt function: Red and green light prompt the passing information.

4 . The programmable gates control state, with a variety of operating modes you can choose, you can set a 

one-way or two-way control

5 . Compatible IC, ID, magnetic card, bar code card, and other control equipment.

6 . Power failure emergency function after power channel automatically open, closed automatically after 

power-on, to meet the special needs of the user and the fire safety requirements 

7 . The control panel with counting function, LED digital display function (optional)

8 . The standard input and output interface, is the best choice for system integrators

9 . Sound, light alarm function: with trespassing, trailing alarm

10 . Scour protection function ,when the gate signal is not received, the stick is automatically locked

11 . Fault detection and alarm function, user-friendly maintenance and use




TDZ-S328 Tripod Turnstile Details







Q:On power,but turnstile gates take no action


1)Q: Zero light of the control board and the power indicator light turns red,normal, but motor does not move


A.Detecting the motor terminals MA, MB at both ends if there is voltage output (DC24V).

If there is output, detect whether electrical connection is  sealed off or not;Check whether motor are

 damaged or not,red and black wire of the motor connected directly to battery; 


B.If the above checks are normal,movement may exist stuck state,first access red and black cable of 

motor to battery,let the arm back to zero,then recovery the red and black wire of motor,with a manual 

switch test.

If arm will have action,but not smooth,it means movement has hit damage,should repair movement.



2) Zero position of control board  indicator and power indicator turn red.Oneyellow LED

is light in left in place or right in place,


shows zero limit board has problem,need to change zero limit board.







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