Enter Exit RFID Card / Fingerprint / ESD Tester Flap Barrier Turnstile Automatic Control System

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Enter Exit RFID Card / Fingerprint / ESD Tester Flap Barrier Turnstile Automatic Control System

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City & Province shenzhen guangdong
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Product Details

Enter Exit RFID Card / Fingerprint / ESD Tester Flap Barrier Turnstile Automatic Control System



Goldantell intelligent turnstile is s a high- tech product which mainly provides intelligent management to

passageway. It is a upgrade product of intelligent tripod turnstile and swing barrier. this product is finely

processed with complete functions and high level, suitable for high- level neighborhoods, intelligent

buildings, hotel, subway, port and club,etc.




GAT-223-1( single motor )
GAT-223-2( double motors )


Bridge type sharp flap turnstile

Technical parameters

1200/1400mm (L) * 280mm (W) * 1000mm (H)

Retractable arm length:

260 mm
Pass speed:

40 persons/min (open), 25-30 persons/min (closed)

Passage width:≤600mm
Normal running life:3 million
Time of opening/closing:0.6 second

Time to work after  power on:

3 seconds

Reset time after break down:

10 seconds
Direction:single or bi-directional (optional)
Drive motor:DC 24 V brush motor
Working environment:

indoor/outdoor (with a tent over)    -10℃~70℃

Communication interface:

standard RS 485 interface, distance ≤1200m

Input interface:

+12V level signal or pulse width>100 ms
12V pulse, drive current>10 mA

Relative humidity:≤90% coagulation free
Housing material:

domestic standard 304 # stainless steel

Working voltage:AC220±10%V 50±10%HZ



Function& features:


1. The turnstile will closed the door when somebody enter the gate illegal, Tailgating or break into

negative direction gate.

2. Before received the open signal, the turnstile will lock automatically

3. The arm have the collision avoidance function: when the turnstile arm closed, if it is under the collision, the arm will open to protect the Transmission of inner machine.

4. Automatic Reset Functions: after you swap the card, during the specific time (the system is 10s), if you

didn’t pass the turnstile, the system will cancel your authority automatically to pass the gate, (reset time is

1~60s you can adjust it what time is suit for you). totally meet the fire protection needs.

5. Infrared reset function (Optional:4 pairs or 6 pairs Infrared).

6. Infrared induction clamp function (4 pairs Infrared).

7. The turnstile can work with door access control system/ consumption system /biometric recognition

system/ ESD system and so on.

8. The turnstile is bidirectional (pedestrian can enter and exit from one pair of turnstiles).

9. Can manager and long-range control the turnstile directly by managing the computer.

10. Flashing light prompt function: it is convenient to find the turnstile problem by administrative staff.



Special function:

1. LED counting function
2. Box house can lengthen, swing arm lengthen
3. Infrared logical judgment function (you can choose 8 pairs or 10 pairs Infrared)
Voice Prompt Function
4. Normally open or closed can be adjust to meet the requirements of the different place. Sound and light

alarm prompt functions
5. Stroboscopic lamp prompt function: site administrator can find the turnstile problem quickly and





Entertainment Places

Movie theaters, Fitness halls, Country clubs, Fairground, Clubs,
Swimming Hall,Fitness Gym

Public PlacesSubway, Airports, Stations,Library, Bookstores, Parks, Exhibition halls, Stadiums, Museums,Apartments,Residence Area, Offices,
Commercial buildings.

Business Organizations

Hotel,Factory,Bank,Prison,Hospital,School, Enterprise’s Entrance and Exit Attendance



System Integration:


This equipment is subtly integrated with machine, electronics, micro- processor control and ID
identification, provides convenience for the use of card reader identification equipment, such as IC card,

ID card, bar code and fingerprint. It can carry out intelligent control and management to the passageway
through choosing various identification equipment and adopting fair, reliable security protection, alarming
equipment and direction indicating equipment.



Access control system:


1. we can offer the access control system: fingerprint/ face recognition/ card reader/ QR code/ barcode ticket system.

2. support special function: counter, coin- operation.

3. ESD tester system and function.


Competitive Advantage:


1. Friendly and professional customer service people help you in 16 hours.
2. More than 10 years powerful ODM/OEM ability,could make product shape design,custom logo,custom
3. We can provide not only product, but also system software management.Save your time and cost.
4. Special service from Goldantell:
For repairing,no need you return back product,only need you take a video,our engineer will instruct you,if
spare parts was damaged in 1 year,we will send you spare parts by fastest express,you no need bear any




1. One pair need two packages.
2. With access control system, need the closed wooden box packing.
3. Without the access control system, two ways for your choice: crate and closed wooden box.

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