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ABS Aeration tube diffuser Waste Water Treatment Plant Quick fitting

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ABS Aeration tube diffuser Waste Water Treatment Plant Quick fitting

Country/Region china
City & Province shanghai shanghai
Categories Electronic Data Systems

Product Details

Aeration tube diffuser in waste water treatment Dia. 63mm Length: 500mm 750mm 1000mm


1. Specification:

Dimensions (mm)Dia. 63 x L 500Dia. 63 x L 750Dia. 63 x L 1000
Oxygen efficiency5.0m deep23-32%  
6.0m deep34-39.5%  
7.0m deep31-45%  
Air flowm3N/h 1.7-6.83.4-13.63.4-17
Active surface aream20.82-1.260.98-2.110.98-2.35
Numbers of pore80801030013880
Bubble Diametermm0.8-2.0  
Pressure losscm25-4225-41.525-40
Oxygen capability@5m deepMicron porous: 7.5kgO2/kw.h; Fine porous: 3.5-4.8kgO2/kw.h
Extenstion capability>600%
Tension strength>13.8x10³ kpa


2. Descriptions

Aeration Tube Diffusers offer many options on the type of diffusers and materials of construction. Our years of experience allow us to provide the industry with valuable input on solutions for all types of wastewater aeration applications including unique tank geometries and difficult process applications.



  • A unique attachment system significantly reduces installation time.
  • Any diffuser length is available to suit the needs of each application.
  • Highest quality EPDM rubber.
  • Attachment system eliminates structural concerns of many other tube diffuser designs.
  • Suitable for off/on applications.
  • Diffusers are factory assembled for easy installation.
  • Available membrane material: EPDM, Silicon or customized

4. Applications: 

  • Waste water treatment
  • Effluent treatment plant
  • Aeration
  • Municipal waste water treatment plants
  • Industrial waste water treatment plants
  • Fish farming
  • Drinking water aeration

5. Competitive advantage

High Quality tube diffusers for Fine bubble diffuser aeration Biological waste water treatment.

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