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Anodized Aluminum Machined Parts , Black Anodized Aluminum OEM

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Anodized Aluminum Machined Parts , Black Anodized Aluminum OEM



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Our company supply various aluminum alloy profile, machined parts and precision machined parts.





First according to section design of product to make mould , and using extrusion machine to extrude heating casting round bar from mould.

Commonly grade 6063alloy,in the extrusion also use a air cooling quenching process and subsequent artificial aging process to complete heat treatment strengthen. Different grade of heat treatment strengthen alloy, the different heat treatment system.

Aluminum alloy profiles of extrusion, the surface corrosion resistance is not strong, it must process the surface by anodized in order to increase aluminium corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and the appearance.





6061: need to have a certain strength, weldability and high resistance in various industrial structural, such as manufacturing trucks, tower building, ship, tram, furniture, machinery parts, precision machined parts with tube, bar, profiles and plate.


6063: industry profiles, building profiles, irrigation pipe and extruded material for vehicles, rack, furniture, barrier etc.


7075: used in the manufacture of aircraft structure and  other requirements of high strength , high stress structure of strong corrosion resistance, mold making.





According to drawings to process



Competitive Advantage:


1) Surface preparation: We use chemistry and physical method to clean the surface of profile, bare pure matrix, in order to get complete and compact artificial oxide film. It can also obtain mirror surface or matt surface by machinery.


2) Anodize: The surface pretreatment of profiles, in a certain process condition, the matrix surface anodize, and generate a AL203 film of dense

, porous and strong adsorption.


3) Hole sealing: sealing pore of porous oxide film after anodizing, make oxide film strengthen Pollution prevention, against corrosion and abrasion resistance. Oxide film is clear and colorless, use strong adsorption of oxide film before hole sealing adsorb and deposit some metal salt within film hole, can make profiles appear many colors other than natural color(silver and white color), such as : black, bronze, golden yellow and stainless steel color etc.


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