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50 tons per day commercial low price of complete auto rice mill machine

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50 tons per day commercial low price of complete auto rice mill machine

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Product Details

50 tons per day commercial low price of complete auto rice mill machine



This line is a medium scale rice process line.It can process 50 tons rice per day.If your budget is not high,this one is suitable.


MCHJ series is the leading unit in China to process paddy with rational technology process,scientific construction,and easy maintenance. It is composed of elevator,combined separator and stoner,rice huller paddy separator,two grade jet rice polisher,white rice grading planes lifter,control platform,etc.


From feeding of paddy to packing of rice,the whole process is done automatically,with high output,good quality,high efficiency and low breaking of rice.


Besides,this unit is equipped with accessories,like airing system to remove dust,husk cyclone,etc,to keep the dust concentration low in work site.It is the ideal choice of all kinds of cereal process enterprises and paddy process workshop.



The whole line includes seven steps as below:


1.Paddy cleaning step:


A type design:It consists of pre-cleaning screen,libration cleaning screen,professional stoner.It is the recommended type,big output,good cleaning effect,good adoptability for grain are the advantages.


B type design:TQLM planing clean screen,TQSX absorbing stoner.It has the characters of big screen,movement multiplicity.The collocate’s cleaning effective,cleaning,downright.


C type design:It consists of TQLQ filter stoner and wind-net.This combined design have all-purpose into one machine,simple process,cover little room, high efficient for cleaning ,save investment.


2.Hulling step:


A type: It consists of MLGT gluey roll huller,MGCZ gravity separator.This collocate have the advantages of easy adjustment for roll distance,effective, advanced technics.


B type: It consists of MLGT gluey roll rice huller, wind-net,MGCP flat-turning screen.It has the advantages of operating easily,running placidity, using credibility.


3.Milling step:

It is finished by three units of double blower rice mill and wind-net,adopting multi-tender mill technology,enhance the output and the rate of output,reduce the rater of broken rice,the wind-net collect the bran.


4.Grading step:


A type: It consists of MMJM white rice grader and wind-net,the machine have the advantages of big circumgyrate plane,good effect for grade,the wind-net can cool the rice well.


B type: It is finished by MMJP flat-revolution grader, the machine have the advantages of operating easily, running placidity,cover small room,save investment


5.Polishing step:

It is finished by MWPG rice polisher and wind-net,after polishing the rice is glittering and translucent,and it improves the surface quality of rice,the wind-net can suck the rice flour.


6.Color sorting step:

It is finished by air color sorter.The machine can sort the different-color grain and make the rice identical ,purity.


7.Packing step:

It can pack white rice in bags ranges from 5kg to 50 kg per bag,or according to client’s requirement.


Machine Details


1.DT-6 Elevator

Product Usage:

It is used to lift loose granular materials vertically.It can be used in different rice mill plant, which can satisfy different capacity requirement of customer.

Product features

1. High efficiency and low energy consumption.

2. Compact structure, stable running and low noise.
3. Convenient installation, operation and maintenance.


2.TQLQ100 blowing type combined cleaning & de-stoner

Product Usage

It is mainly used to remove all impurities from rice, wheat, peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, sesame, inns, red beans, sunflower and other grains.It can grade the granulated raw material of feed stuff, medicine, chemically engineering, and take the lumber out.

Product Features

1.This is a multi-function machine.It merges the production process, simplifies the flow.

2.With large production capacity,low energy consumption and high efficiency of cleaning.

3.With compact structure,occupies small space, easy to install and maintain.



Product Usage

It is mainly used to separate rice husk from the mixture of rice and paddy by blower fan.

Product Features

1.Speed gearbox allows the switch between slow and fast rollers in turn without replacing them out.Synchronization of life span can be achieved.

2.Hanging the ram to counterweight the tight roller, so the damping performance is very good.
3.The operation extremely easy.




Product Usage

It is mainly used to separate brown rice from the mixture of paddy and brown rice.

Product Features

1.Having advanced technology performance, compact structure, easy to operate and maintain.

2.Having good applicability for different rice types and accurate separation.


5.N200/150 RICE MILL

Product Usage

It is used in the complete set of rice mill plant to mill brown rice into white rice.It is suitable in both urban and rural areas.

Product Features

1.There is outlet in collection chamber to suction bran out by induced draft fans.This favors to unify the collection of bran for several rice mill machines in the complete line.

2.Effectively overcome the wet bran, bran oil clogging problems

3.High precision, smooth surface of rice,low rice temperature, less broken rice,containing less rice bran

4.Compact structure, easy to operate and maintain, high safety and reliability




Products usage:

It is mainly used separate the complete rice from broken rice

Product features:

1.Several size of sieves are equipped to accommodate different varieties of rice.

2.The four outlets are equipped with flap mechanism which can be blended when required.

3.Compact structure, smooth running, perfect processing performance, easy to operate and maintain.



Product Usage

It is used to mill paddy into white rice, at the same time,crush bran into fine bran.

Product features

1. A crushing device is added in the rice mill,achieve multi-function in one machine.

2.The surface of white rice is clean and shining with less broken rate.The bran content is small and the crushed fine bran can be used as feeds directly.
3. Compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance; safe and reliable running.




It is used to package rice into bags---10~50kg per bag.




9. CCD300 Channel Color Sorter:(To remove bad rice by color)

sorter 1.jpg


Flow Chart:


Rice Mill Flow 600jpg.jpg



Basic rice milling processes:



Pre CleaningRemoving all impurities and unfilled grains from raw paddy
De-stoningSeparating small stones from paddy
HuskingRemoving husk from paddy
Husk AspirationSeparating the husk from brown rice/ unhusked paddy
Paddy SeparationSeparating the unhusked paddy from brown rice
WhiteningRemoving all or part of the bran layer and germ from brown rice

Improving the appearance of milled rice by removing the remaining bran particles

and by polishing the exterior of milled kernel

Color Sorting (Optional)

Removing foreign materials such as colored, broken, immature and insected grains from milled rice

Length GradingSeparating small and large brokens from head rice
Weighing and BaggingPreparing the milled rice for transport to the customer




1.Easily damaged parts will be listed when delivery and will be supplied with production cost later.

2.After sale service:Service oversea is available.Our engineers would instruct the installation,train your workers,etc.

3.Payment Terms:30% in advance,70% before delivery.

4.Packaging Details:in standard export package.


Contact Information:



Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat:+86 18763375732


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