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0. 8Mpa High Pressure Screw Compressor Permanent Magnet Frequency

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0. 8Mpa High Pressure Screw Compressor Permanent Magnet Frequency

Country/Region china
City & Province shanghai shanghai
Categories Pneumatic Components

Product Details

0. 8Mpa High Pressure Screw Compressor Permanent Magnet Frequency


Our Services


Quality control system.

After-sale service.

Brand new & not used.

Product drawing and design.

24 hours service.




Energy Efficient

Compact footprint

Low running noise




Low noise Permanent magnet Two Stage High Pressure (0. 8Mpa)

Low noise , Two Stage,Power frequency main motor, Permanent magnet centrifugal fan

ModelVersionPowerPressure(Mpa)Capacity flow(m³/min)Specific power(kw/m³/min)Dimension mmExit pipe diameter inch/mmWeight kg
S22S22-VV-D30220.74.186.271400*840*1490G1 1/4800
S37S37-VV-D50370.77.526.11560*970*1730G1 1/2850
S55S55-VV-D75550.710.85.712200*1170*1700G2 1/21600


Why choose us?


1. Stable and reliable

A Strong research and development capabilities, the effective use of a large number of patents.

Strong time has a strong R & D team, and close cooperation with Xi'an Jiaotong University Compressor Suzhou Research Institute, has obtained 26 patents, the industry's leading design level, to create a reliable air compressor products.


B Selection of reliable parts


C exquisite manufacturing capability

Manufacturing benchmarking enterprises, improve the manufacturing management process, treat every manufacturing link with the spirit of craftsman, to create reliable air compressor products.


D rigorous testing methods and verification methods

Each test data of the first digital air compressor test line in China has been validated and verified to ensure the delivery quality of each device. We provide a corresponding test report for each of the products that have been manufactured in strict energy efficiency, and resolutely say no to the virtual standard parameters!


2. Energy efficient

A Basic knowledge of energy conservation

B The most efficient part selection

C Optimized system and piping design

D Intelligent air compressor control system


3. Easy to maintain

IOT industrial housekeeper, the operating status is always at hand.


The industry's fastest oil and gas separation system (patent).


Patent for extractable main motor structure.


Change the oil filter and the air filter is handy.


External primary filtration, replacement and cleaning is more convenient.


The bottom of each tubing is designed with an oil drain and the oil is replaced more thoroughly.


4. High cost performance


In the use of air compressors, the main costs come from three aspects: procurement costs, maintenance costs and operating costs, of which operating costs account for about 80% of the total. The use of Laily compressor will greatly reduce the cost of your air compressor.

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