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120kw Natural Gas Generator with Cummins Engine

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120kw Natural Gas Generator with Cummins Engine

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Charter1:Essential Information

1.1. Generator Set Parameter



Performance Grade:


Rated Power:


Rated Current:


Rated Voltage:


Rated Frequency:


Rated Speed:


The Factor of Rated Power:



3Phase, 4line

The regulating rate of steady voltage:


The regulating rate of instantaneous voltage:


The regulating rate of steady frequency


The regulating rate of instantaneous frequency:


The time of steady voltage:


The Recovery Time of Frequency:


Usage Condition:

Temp. -12~45℃, altitude ≤2200m


1.2. Engine Parameter




Line, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke

Air Intake:

Turbocharged, AA-inner-cooling



Compression Ratio:




Rated Power:




The regulation of rotating speed


Start Method:

DC24V Electric start


.3. Alternator


STFI 120-1-4


Three-phase, four-wire, Brushless Exciter

Rated power:


Rated voltage:




Insulation class:

 Class H

Protection class:


cooling method:

Air-cooled, self-cooling


1.4. Control System:

Electronic throttle


Air inlet temperature pressure sensor


Crankshaft position sensor


Wide range oxygen sensor


ignition coil


RC pressure regulator


Proportional mixer




Fuel Type

Nature Gas,LNG,CNG

methane concentration

 ≥ 70

Low Heat Value(LHV)

≥ 34.09MJ/Nm 3

Methane Volume



≤20mg/ Nm










Chapter2,Design Philosophy/Configuration


2.1 Design Philosophy

◆The generating set is a power generation device with the gas fuel as the power source, and the thermal power is converted into electric energy by the ignition engine. Equip cooling system, lubricating system, fuel supplying system, control system, power output, parallel, common base. Able to work with low pressure, high pressure gas and liquid fuel.

◆ Connect the gas engine to the alternator with flange and install on the welded common base. Set shock mitigation system to eliminate the vibration when running.

◆ Unit control system group use the control module DEEPSEA or ZONGZHI Generator set and set on the common base.

◆ Set the gas valve integration group on the common base, include Manual cut-off valve, pressure gauge, filter, pressure regulating valve, safety electromagnetic cut-off valve, flame blocking device.

◆Gas engine: using Cummins 6CT diesel engine as base machine, high energy sequential ignition, Gas specific debugger, all parts of control system are from the well-known brand in the word.

◆ Alternator: jiangsu lingyu self excitation brushless AC synchronous generator


2.2 Configuration



Nature Gas Engine,)Alternator(Stamford),Control Panel(7320 Controller),Radiator(Cu),common base (Optional 1 or 2) , Safety fuel valve group

accumulator,ATS,ATS switch (Schneider)

1,Chassis open type

2,Chassis silent type

Exhaust pipe connecting hose *1


Exhaust pipe connecting elbow *1


u  Industrial grade muffler *1



2.3.Running Requirement

gas pipe inlet pressure kPa



methane volume  content




Heat Value MJ/Nm 3




H 2 S concentration mg/Nm 3




NH 3 Concentration mg/Nm 3




Impurity particle Concentration mg/Nm 3




Impurity particle size μm




Water Concentration  g/Nm

≤40g/Nm 3 , No free water


2.4. Formation of Mixed Gas


◆ Air will be filtered from the dry type filter of engine.

◆ pressure regulating valve evenly supply gas and mix via proportional mixer.

◆ Exhaust gas turbocharger compress mixed gas to improve the engine charging efficiency.

◆ using oil cooling or water cooling double cooling booster to ensure booster regular works.

inner cooling system

◆ using air to air or water to air inner cooling to reduce the mixed gas temperature, increase the density and improve the engine efficiency.


2.5. Engine Ignition Management System


◆ After the control system of the muti-point sequential ignition engine collects the position signal of the camshaft, it controls the ignition coil to fire in sequence

◆ DC24V

◆ The ignition time and ignition energy can be accurate via programming the Map

◆ Equip high energy ignition coil for each cylinder

◆ Self-learn Function: ECW will self-correct the running parameter via temperature sensor, pressure sensor and throttle position signal.

◆ Industrial grade spark plug, high voltage wire

◆ Work Temp. :-20°to  85°

u  Exhaust System

◆ Dry Type,Heat insulated exhaust manifold

◆ Industrial grade muffler

◆Exhaust shock proof corrugated pipe


2.6. Lubricating System

◆ Forced lubricgtion by Lube oil circulation pump with safety valve, and splash lubrication.

◆Lube oil heater (Optional)

◆ Cummins fleetguard filter

◆The brand of lube oil: Special lube oil for Cummins Nature Gas Gensets(Recommendation)



Chapter3:Generator set monitoring system


Use Deep-sea Controller(7320)to control generator set data,details as follows:

◆ 24 VDC

◆ IP44 Dustproof

◆Dust-proof, water-proof metal enclosure

◆ Remote Control Interface

◆ Automatic start / stop control switch

◆ Set input, output, alarm and time

◆ Automatic emergency stop fault status and fault display

◆Digital control inputs, relay control output

◆LCD Display

◆ Engine speed

● Engine running time

● Total generating capacity

● Oil Pressure

● Cooling water temperature

●Battery voltage

● L-L volts generator set three-phase Phase voltage and line voltage

● Generator set three phase current

● Generator set frequency

● Power Factor

◆ Alarm protection

●  Low oil pressure, low oil level

●  High coolant temperature, low coolant level

●  Charging fault

●  over Speed / under speed, over voltage / under voltage, over current / under current, overload, ground fault

●  Failed to start

◆ Emergency Shutdown

● Emergency stop

● Speed signal loss

◆ program protection delay function

●  High and low voltage

● High and low frequency

● Overcurrent

● Reverse power

◆ Scalable functionality

● ATS automatic conversion system

● Scalable GPRS function, SMS notification unit status

●Automatic float charging, the battery protection

● Fuel Leak Detection

● Remote monitoring


Chapter 4:Technology data design/operating


4.1 Coolant filling volume

Engine coolant filling volume(L)


Standard thermostat to adjust the temperature

(°C  )



The maximum temperature of engine coolant




Coolant Type

50% of demineralized water, 50% antifreeze (ethylene glycol antifreeze concentration between 40% -68%)


4.2 Oil filling volume

Lubricant minimum filling capacity(Sump+ Oil Filter) (L)


Oil pressure during normal operation(Idling) kPa


Oil pressure during normal operation (Rated speed)( kPa)


Oil temperature(Sump) (°C)


Oil Class (Ambient temperatures >-5°C Ambient temperatures<-5°C)


 15W-40 CH4  10W-30 CH4


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