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Android 4.0 Car Stereo Sat Nav GPS Navigation Headunit for VOLKSWAGEN

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Android 4.0 Car Stereo Sat Nav GPS Navigation Headunit for VOLKSWAGEN

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong

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Android 4.0 Car Stereo Sat Nav GPS Navigation Headunit for VOLKSWAGEN



Touch screen:800*480 pixelsOperation System:Android 4.0
Bluetooth for Hands Free Call:SupportSteering wheel control:Still work after installation
Rear view camera input:YesDual Zone:Yes, listen to music/radio while watching gps map
3G wifi:YesOSD language:English,Spanish,Russian,French,Italian,Hebrew.....
Illumination:Red/Blue/PurpleMicrophone:Built-in & External
Unit size:Double DINScreen Size:6.2 Inch


Android 4.0 Car Stereo GPS Navigation Headunit
for VOLKSWAGEN Golf Bora Sharan Transporter 
Polo Passat B5(2001-2005) / Jetta(1998-2004)
With 3G WiFi | RAM Memory 512MB | iNand Momery 4GB | DVD | USB | SD
Bluetooth | Phonebook | Radio RDS | iPod | Dual Zone | Steering Wheel


  • To help us ship out your package early, please tell us the details as follow when you place order:
    1) Your car model with produce year
    2) Whether your car dash is same as the one in our list picture or not 
    3) The panel size of this item is 188mm(width)*117mm(height), please check whether your car
  • radio size is the same or not
    4) The default unit doesn't have canbus, if your car has Can-Bus, then you need to order this
  • item with CAN-BUS, the extra cost of CAN-BUS is GBP23. 
  • OS: Android 4.0 system
  • RAM Memory: DDR2 512MB
  • iNand Momery: 4GB
  • Video Decode Support: 1080P
  • Screen: Resistive screen 6.2'' with resolution 800*480 pixels
  • Map: Support 3D maps software, such as iGo, TomTom, Garmin, Route66 and other maps, as
  •  long as they are compatible with Android
  • Multi-languages OSD menu: English/Spanish/Russian/French/Italian/Hebrew/Portuguese/
  • Swedish/Indonesia/German
  • Finnish/Vietnamese/Korean
  • Support 3G modem/Wifi(WIFI dongle included,if you need 3G modem, you can buy it in our store)
  • Android APPS: MSN, Youtube, Google map, Gmail, 2/3D Games etc.
  • Built-in Bluetooth for handsfree call, support A2DP, play music from cellphone via Bluetooth pair, without any cable connection
    Bluetooth phonebook searching, easy to find the phone number you want
  • Video Format Support: DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/MPEG4/DIVX/CD-R/WMA/JPEG
  • DVD recording, record the video from playing menu of DVD/CAMERA/AUX, support power off memory, 
    file management, can support subtitle and search the music you like, images are clearer and sharper, unique 3D flash graphical user interface
  • Digital TV function(optional, please contact us if you want it)
  • Car DVR function, high resolution and speed DVR, car black box escort you
  • RCA rear view camera input(please check reverse camera in our store)
    The screen will switch to reverse image automatically when your car is put into reverse, it will be much safer for car reversing
  • Virtual 20 disc memory for music
  • 4x 45W audio output
  • Support subwoofer
  • Dual zone function, view maps while listen to music/radio in background
  • EQ modes: jazz, pop, rock, classic, custom, standard
  • Two SD card slots, one for GPS map, one for music/video
  • Rear iPod control, can lead iPod/iPhone/iPad to glove box conveniently and charge it
  • Rear USB control, support max.32GB flash drive
  • Built in 4G flash, faster and more stable, Dual-core-A8 might be the best and fast CPU ever on  car dvd player up to 3X faster performance and 3X faster graphics
  • Everything operated by remote control (included)
  • Li-Battery is forbidden on air transportation due to anti-terrorist, 
    so that you may receive the remote control without battery. You can easily get a suitable Li-battery(3V) from local shop
  • Fluorescent keys available for the remote control
  • Steering wheel control buttons will still work after installation
  • Button backlight color: Red/Blue/Purple


This item fits with these vehicles:
[show all compatible vehicles]
 VWPolo20016KV2 [1995-2002] SaloonSaloon1.41390ccm 84HP 62KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016KV2 [1995-2002] SaloonSaloon1.9 SDi1896ccm 65HP 48KW (Diesel)
 VWPolo20016KV2 [1995-2002] SaloonSaloon100 1.61595ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016KV2 [1995-2002] SaloonSaloon110 1.9 TDI1896ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
 VWPolo20016KV2 [1995-2002] SaloonSaloon57 1.7 SDi1716ccm 57HP 42KW (Diesel)
 VWPolo20016KV2 [1995-2002] SaloonSaloon60 1.41390ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016KV2 [1995-2002] SaloonSaloon68 1.9 SDi1896ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
 VWPolo20016KV2 [1995-2002] SaloonSaloon75 1.4 16V1390ccm 75HP 55KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016KV2 [1995-2002] SaloonSaloon75 1.61598ccm 75HP 55KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016KV2 [1995-2002] SaloonSaloon90 1.81781ccm 90HP 66KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016KV2 [1995-2002] SaloonSaloon90 1.9 TDI1896ccm 90HP 66KW (Diesel)
 VWPolo20016KV5 [1997-2001] EstateEstate1.41390ccm 54HP 40KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016KV5 [1997-2001] EstateEstate1.41390ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016KV5 [1997-2001] EstateEstate1.4 16V1390ccm 75HP 55KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016KV5 [1997-2001] EstateEstate1.61595ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016KV5 [1997-2001] EstateEstate1.61598ccm 75HP 55KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016KV5 [1997-2001] EstateEstate1.7 SDi1716ccm 57HP 42KW (Diesel)
 VWPolo20016KV5 [1997-2001] EstateEstate1.9 SDi1896ccm 64HP 47KW (Diesel)
 VWPolo20016KV5 [1997-2001] EstateEstate1.9 SDi1896ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
 VWPolo20016KV5 [1997-2001] EstateEstate1.9 TDI1896ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
This item fits with these vehicles:
[show all compatible vehicles]
 VWPolo20016KV5 [1997-2001] EstateEstate1.9 TDI1896ccm 90HP 66KW (Diesel)
 VWPolo20016N2 [1999-2001] HatchbackHatchback1.0999ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016N2 [1999-2001] HatchbackHatchback1.41390ccm 54HP 40KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016N2 [1999-2001] HatchbackHatchback1.41390ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016N2 [1999-2001] HatchbackHatchback1.4 16V1390ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016N2 [1999-2001] HatchbackHatchback1.4 16V1390ccm 75HP 55KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016N2 [1999-2001] HatchbackHatchback1.4 TDI1422ccm 75HP 55KW (Diesel)
 VWPolo20016N2 [1999-2001] HatchbackHatchback1.6 16V GTI1598ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
 VWPolo20016N2 [1999-2001] HatchbackHatchback1.7 SDi1716ccm 60HP 44KW (Diesel)
 VWPolo20016N2 [1999-2001] HatchbackHatchback1.9 D1896ccm 64HP 47KW (Diesel)
 VWPolo20016N2 [1999-2001] HatchbackHatchback1.9 SDi1896ccm 64HP 47KW (Diesel)
 VWPolo20026KV2 [1995-2002] SaloonSaloon1.41390ccm 84HP 62KW (Petrol)





Kindly contact with our salesman if you need the Optional items:

1. Reverse camera 
2. Universal camera
3. Wireless module for reverse camera
4. WIFI dongle
5. 3G dongle
6. Car DVR video camera recorder for S100 stereo
7. Digital TV tuner MPEG-4 for S100 stereo
8. ISDB-T digital TV Tuner
9. Digital TV receiver DVB-T2 MPEG-4
10. Car panel removal installer kit


Support Following Function: 

3D Navigation
1. Convenient, practical and humanizing operation interface, voice navigation all the way, extensive data, accurate guidance.
2. Receiving signal sensitivity and connected quickly, so it can exchange the information with satellie when start the car
3. Map supported: Destinator, Route66 Navteq,Tomtom Wince version etc. (Based on windowsCE net 6.0 platform)

Bluetooth Function
1. Compatible with smartphone: Iphone6,5,4s, Samsung Galaxy,
2. Convenient hands free call, with external microphone, both you and other side can hear clear voice when making call

Phone Book Function
1. Phonebook function, downloading contacts list fast
2. Support searching contacts in phoneook, eash and fast to locate the phone number
3. Support A2DP, play music via your phone directly just as music player in your car, no need cable
4. Auto connection! when you back to your car, your phone will connect to the headunit automatically, no ned pair again

Surfing Internet
1. Support 3G and wifi (wifi and 3G dongle are optional accessories)
2. Sufing internet via 3G and Wifi
3. Big keyboard, operation convenient. 

Audio & Video
1.Built-in 4G flash, can store audio and video in the headunit, no need keep much disk any more. 

DVD Function
1. CD/DVD support full zone CD/DVD disk, very clear pictur, graceful sound. 
2. Support the DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/MP4/CD-R/WMA/MPEG4/JPG format disc.
3. 20 V-CDC (Virtual CD changer)function, could copy 19 disk music to the headunit. 

USB/SD Funtion
1. Front USB port, support max. 32GB USB drive.
2. Dual SD card slots, one for GPS maps,the other for media files music/picture etc.
3. Enjoy music/movie from USB/SD, support 1080P HD movie (MP4 format)

1. After plug in iPod/iPhone/iPad, it will charge all the time, no matter you play it on or not. 
2. Enable resume play function for iPod/iPhone/iPad, don't have to select music again after changing function mode. 

File Management
1. Built-in 4GB hard disk, download thousands of songs, manage as same as PC. 
2. Copy files(hard disk/sd card/usb), convenient to manage your documents. 

Video Recording
1. You can record the video from your playing menu of DVD/AUX/CAERA/TV
2. Images are more clearer and sharper, acoustic is perfect. 
3. Select the route(device/sd/usb)to store

Amplifier & EQ & Subwoofer
1. Personalized audio mode: classic, popular, jaz, standard and custom
2. Optimized for your favorite music and you will enjoy hearing
3. In particulr, we set a custom function to regulate, so you can set your favorite music mode at any time and achieve the real EQ function. 

Car digitl video recrding (DVR)
1. Can Save video as proof in case accident.
2. Recording beautiful view or some fun things when driving
3. DVR is optional accessories. if you need this one, need to add extra cost. 

3-Zone & POP (picture of picture) Function
1. With advanced POP technology, you can watch the Navi and enjoy entrtainment in one clear screen. 
2. You can listen to Radio/BT music/USB/SD while watching Navi menu or maps. 
3. The background music sound will turn down while navigation voice reminding.

Auto Rear View
1. When put the gear to "R", the screen will switch to backsight automatically
(need install the reverse camera, the camera is option and extra cost)
2. Even the stereo is power off, it will power on automatically when you put gear to "R"

Radio Function
1. Support input frequency band, easy to locate your favorite station. 
2. Built-in FM/AM tuner,can save more than 30 stations. 
3. Built-in RDS
4. Auto search and save stations. 

Digitl TV (Optional)
1. External digital TV receiver, dual tuner, support MPEG4 HD TV program
2. With the DTV function, you can know current news, financial reports


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