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Address: beixin road 127,anping hengshui,hebei China

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Specialty products:
Now We have a new products 3D panel mesh:
ABS 3D Panel mesh also known as green wall trellis system or modular plant trellis systems .They all belongs to ECO-mesh .
3D panel is a high-strength modular building system that is designed to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados.
The 3D panel building system is currently being used in over 40 different countries around the world. The 3D panel system can be used autonomously in structural load-bearing applications or it can be integrated into traditional post-and-beam construction. 3D panel employs versatile, light-weight panels that can be cut and shaped to create any architectural feature.
The panels consist of a corrugated Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core surrounded by an electro welded galvanized steel mesh. After the panels have been assembled, concrete (minimum 3,000 psi) is applied in layers by means of high velocity shotcrete guns.
The concrete and steel provide the structural strength while the EPS core provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

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Company Name: ECOsr.,LTD
City: hengshui
Province: hebei
Country: china
Address: beixin road 127,anping hengshui,hebei China