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Durable air commercial sandblasting equipment / sand blasting chamber

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Durable air commercial sandblasting equipment / sand blasting chamber

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Durable air commercial sandblasting equipment / sand blasting chamber




Technical Parameter for TS-600-1 By Manual control

Tank Diameter




Weight (kg)

180 Kg

Control mode

Manual Control

Volume of in-tank


Air consumption 


Air pressure


Diameter of blasting hose


Length of blasting hose 


Spray Gun Quality

1 pc

Nozzle model


Power supply

220V 50HZ





This machine is direct pressure sand blasting machine, with the help of compressed air pressure, flow and velocity, removing the impurities and oxide skin on the surface. It will make the surface area increased, improve the force and quality of the coating attached as, and it also can remove the residual stress in internal structure.

When the sand blasting machine is working, it’s internal compression air and abrasive mixed while spraying , so that the compressed air can be fully utilized. It’s air flow rate and abrasive flow volume is easy to adjust, so, it can get ideal mixing ratio, energy and abrasive consumption. The machine is widely applicable to shipbuilding, aircraft, vehicles, machinery, bridge and chemical industry. Those who need metal surface rust cleaning, as long as you have the equipment and compressed air, you could get satisfactory result.

Working Principle:


Abrasive blast ( sand blasting) cleaning is the cleaning of surface by action of abrasives propelled by compressed air through a nozzle, abrasive blast cleaning is widely used today for removing of rust and mill scale and mattel objects prior to coating. Shot blasting is also used for cleaning plastic parts, electronic parts, removing heat treated scale. Blast pot with 450 kg and capacity and mounted on wheel or fix position. Several size of pots are available to suits specific job needs.




This machine is suitable for cleaning sand in the casting residual sand surface of casting clay, iron and other impurities and cleaning profiles, pipes and iron surface rust and others. It’s more suitable for cleaning high difficulty of rugged piece, and can also clean the forging and heat treatment, welding parts. The abrasive in tank body (steel shot, sand) is high-speed spraying by sandblasting pipe under the action of compressed air, and the abrasive media is spraying to the workpiece surface and impact grinding, remove debris, and this machine object appearance, durable.

Portable Pressure Pot Sandblaster is special designed to dedicate surface treatment requirements for large structural parts, cars, dump trucks and others.

Portable Pressure Pot Sandblaster is powered with compressed air, the abrasive media is accelerated to 50-60m / s impact to the workpieces’ surface, it is a non-contact, less non-polluting method of surface treatment. High Quality Vacuum sand blaster Manufacturers/auto sand blasting machine.


Competitive Advantage:


1.Application in workpieces surface derusting.
2.Convenient, easy to operate.
3.High efficiency,the effect of sand blasting is good.
4.Equipment is custom-made/according to customer requirements


Our service:


1.Reply your inquiry in 24 hours.
2.Experienced staffs answer all your questions in time.
3.Customized design is available.
4.Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our professional engineers and staff.
5.Special discount and protection of sales are provided to our distributor.
6.We are professional manufacturer of sand blasting room and blasting pots. Have a professional design team with more than 15 years design experience engineers, competitive with good quality.
7.As an honest seller, we always use superior raw material, advanced machines, skilled technicians to ensure our products to be finished in high quality and stable feature.
8.Prompt delivery, site installation and commissioning.

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