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Address: 12 Unite, 55th buliding, Jincheng Road, Fuyang, Hangzhou, China

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U&STAR Ultrasonic Technology Co.,Ltd

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U&STAR Ultrasonic Technology Co.,Ltd, (together with U&STAR Industry Co.,Ltd, are both belonging to U&STAR Holding Group), we are focusing on High Power Ultrasonic Technology and Application, specialized in researching and developing ultrasound core parts (Transducer,Booster,Sonotrode and Generator etc), accessories and various Processor (Reactor) Equipments as well as offering Innovative & Unique Ultrasonic Solutions. Thanks to firmly cooperation and latest advance technology support from our top talent profesional engineers and experts R&D team, with dozen years' hard research and practical experience, we are glowing much fast and become the China leading brand in High Power Ultrasonic field.

Our Products, Service and Solution Plan support of High Power Ultrasonics are included but not only:

A. Ultrasonic Core Parts and Accessories

1.Ultrasonic Transducer, also called piezoelectric transducer, converator;

2.Ultrasonic Generator,  also called Ultrasonic driving power, control box; Patterns and types like, Ultrasonic intelligent digital generator and Ultrasonic Analog Generator;

3.Ultrasonic Booster,also called amplitude amplifier pole,amplitude bar, ultrasonic exponential solid horn;

4.Ultrasonic Horn,Sonotrode,mould, tools head;
(together with Ultrasonic Transducer and Booster,also called Ultrasound Oscillator,Ultrasonic vibration components)

5.Ultrasonic Accessories, like special connection screws,Ultrasonic Sensors,transducer housing, ultrasonic probe, flange,connection cable,ultrasonic probes, cooling jacket,connectors with clip etc;

6.Ultrasonic detection equitments and Lab Testing, Like Ultrasonic Power (sound intensity) Measuring instrument;Ultrasonic Amplitude measuring instrument;Ultrasonic computer impedance analyzer etc;

7.Other Ultrasonic accessories and parts;

 B. Our Ultrasonic Technology Processors (Reactors)
   Widely applied to fields and areas including:
1.Sonochemistry,Biochemistry,Biological Processes,Petrifaction,Petrochemistry;
(homogenizing, dispersing and emulsifying, biodiesel extracting, degassing,lysis,sonication extrusion,disintegrating, cell disruption and extraction,deagglomeration etc)

2.Pharmaceutics,Pharmacy,Chinese Traditional Medicine and Chemical industry;
 3.Water and Sewage Treatment Industry
(High power vibration type ultrasonic cavitation system,Ultrasonic spray & atomization system etc)

4.Metal and Plastic Processing Industry
(High-Power Ultrasonic Metal & Plastic Processing System,Ultrasonic Powder Processor etc)
5.Clearing,Drilling,Welding and Polishing,Cable peeling Industry;

6.Foods Production, Various Materials Processing, Environmental Science;
7.College,Scientific Research Institution and Professional Laboratory;

8.Others Application Fields and Areas not mentioned above;

  C. We are also provided HIGH POWER ULTRASOUND

Ultrasonic Industry Solution Plan and Advance Technology Support

The application of high-power ultrasonic field is widely board, new functions and uses are constantly being found, with progress of science and technology,  new ultrasonic requirements of application are bigly putting forward.

U&STAR Ultrasonic Technology Co.,Ltd, with rich ultrasonic rich theory and practice experience for more than thirty years, we do have fully ability to combined with application environment and customer special requirement perfect together, and to provide all all solutions, like special application of ultrasonic project demonstration, test approval, structure design, system configuration, the key components of the production, to help our clients creat new unique value and make great achievement.

When a unique solution is required, custom-designed transducers will be quoted on request,Process will be bellowing:

1. Client come up his idea, requirements, purpose and other details, like budge if necessary;

2. Present them to us, fully discussed with designs, plan drawing and others by both parties.

3. Provided feasible solution plan to client after necessary amendment according to its requirements;

4. Doing advance payment after solution plan and our offer approved by clients;

5. Processing solution plan or finish equitment, doing necessary amendment according to clients feedback and comments;

6. Fully meet clinet's requirements, make balance payment, and delivery design project or equitment;


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Company Name: U&STAR Ultrasonic Technology Co.,Ltd
City: Hangzhou
Province: Zhejiang
Address: 12 Unite, 55th buliding, Jincheng Road, Fuyang, Hangzhou, China