Professional Tank Head Spinning Machine For Pressure Vessel / CNC Metal Spinning

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Professional Tank Head Spinning Machine For Pressure Vessel / CNC Metal Spinning

Country/Region china
City & Province wuxi jiangsu
Categories Pneumatic Components

Product Details

Function: our tank metal sheet spinning machine is used for forming elliptical dish end for tanks and pressure vessels.Our machines are used in Petroleum or gas industry


Capacity:dish end making machine can make Φ4200mm cap


Advantage: We are professional manufacturer for dish end machine. In China, 70% dish end machines are made by us.We are leader of dish end machine association, and drafted dish end machine standard.


Dish end making process:

Picking steel---Cutting---Welding---Heating---Spinning---Stamping---Trimming---Defect detection---QC---Warehousing---Transporttation



1)Edging machine technical parameter:




Max. plate thickness S

Q235 22mm


Min. plate thickness S


Stainless steel 3mm



Max. plate radius



Min. plate radius



Max diameter of ellipsoidal dish end



Min diameter of ellipsoidal dish end



Forming wheel axle diameter



Forming wheel rotation power


N=55KW/42KW double speed


2.Additional requirements of folding machine


a)The pressure of oblique cylinder, front cylinder, clamping must show on pressure gauge and could be adjustable. The speed of front and rear cylinders could be adjustable. Hydraulic station pressure could show on gauge and adjustable


b)A pressure wheel (mounted on the axle), and quenching treatment HRC46 ~ 50.


c)13 forming wheels, R30,R50,R80,R100,R150,R200,R250,R300,R350,R400,R450,R500,R550,R600,R650,R700,R760,R820. Material QT600-3, marked with stamp. Forming wheel must have good abrasion resistance; dish end must have good gloss after spinning.


d)Make sure clamping cylinder work normally


e)Nut (for screw) strength: abrasion resistance must ZHA166-6-3-2 (aluminum brass), that is 9-4 copper.


f)Inner height 2600mm ,Total height 4210mm


3.Pressing machine technical parameter






Distance between main housings




Main cylinder Max. working pressure



Main motor



4.Additional requirements of pressing machine

a)Pressing machine cylinder piston rod adopts chilled cast iron, cylinder adopts 35 # forgings, strokes ensure production of Φ4200mm ellipsoidal dish end.


b) The pressing machine frame stiffness should be sufficient, warranty for 10 years. When the upper mold pressure reaches to 20Mpa, Center deflection degree of upper and lower beam should not exceed 1.8mm (achieve precision pressure level, the deformation f = Δ / L = 1 / 2500). The cylinder piston rod should be chrome painted and polished, machine load should be not less than 12 tons.


c)The seller provides 5 sets pressing tooling, R600,R900,R1200,R1500,R1700 material QT600-3, marked with stamp.


d) With automatic and manual operation functions, pressure could display on gauge and adjustable


5. Main description

a) Manufacturers of axial piston pump, hydraulic parts, electrical appliances, bearings, reducer, motor, oil motor as follows:

Axial piston pump: China

Solenoid directional valve: China

Electrical appliances: A, PLC programmable controller (Japan Mitsubishi) B, contactors, switches: Schneider or Omron.

Bearings: main parts (SKF), others (China)

Reducer: China.

Motor: China

Oil motor: China

Seal: oil pipe seal (Taiwan) B cylinder seal (Japan NOK ,China)


b) Welded structure must be vibration aging treatment to homogenize welding stress.


c) Glossy surface oxide skin of the welded structure must be removed mechanically to ensure no cracking after painting.


d) All hydraulic pipes must be pickling treatment to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil


e) The inner wall of oil tank must be peeled and polished treatment, and coated with oil resistance paints, to ensure the cleanliness of hydraulic oil


f) Before delivery from factory, equipments must be brushed with antirust paint.


g) The quality problem, installation and commissioning problems within one year, repaired by seller for free.


h) Equipments total weight: 96T


i) Provide edging machine consumable seals


j) Before installation, the seller must provides foundation drawings, equipment layout drawings and related technical information (if necessary, send people to communicate with the buyer ). The buyer has to be responsible for the foundation construction.


k) The seller should provide equipment operating manual, electrical schematics, hydraulic schematics and pressing tooling drawing.


l) The seller is responsible for installation, commissioning and training , The buyer should provide necessary tools (such as cranes, welding machine, oxygen-acetylene cutting machine, grinding wheel cutting machine, etc.), and provide installation workers food and accommodation. Production of 20 dish end regards as qualification, specifications of dish end are decided by buyer, training period is one month.


m) Worktable material provided by seller, and to be produced by buyer.


n) Foundation anchor bolts and rails provided by buyer








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