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Safety Gate Valve Lockout Devices Standard Valve Safety Lock Rust Prevention

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Safety Gate Valve Lockout Devices Standard Valve Safety Lock Rust Prevention

Country/Region china
City & Province zhejiang
Categories Home Furniture

Product Details

Factory Standard Safety Gate Valve Lock All plastic Without Screw Rust Prevention

Part No.: SGVL11

Standard Gate Valve Lockout

  • Made from durable ABS, mental free.
  • Once locked, it covers around the hand wheel and prevent the valve wheel from being turned.
  • Two parts design can be combined into one when storing and carrying which reduce the half restore space.
  • Accept up to 2 padlocks, locking shackle max diameter 7mm.
  • Available in 7 sizes and red color, other colors can be customized, providing English tag.

Piping applications:

During the running of power plant pipe valve, it is very important accessory equipment, it is about the importance of safe operation, some of the valve is normally open, some valve is closed, it will need to consider security, in order to avoid wrong operation, so the author designed the valve locks, mainly used for valve is opened and closed often use or temporary use, can ensure avoid operation and non operation personnel wrong operation of the valve.


Part No.DescriptionABC
SGVL11Suitable for valve handle 1” to 2 1/2” in diameter783019
SGVL12Suitable for valve handle 2 1/2” to 5” in diameter1324039
SGVL13Suitable for valve handle 5” to 6 1/2” in diameter1705364
SGVL14Suitable for valve handle 6 1/2” to 10” in diameter2546485
SGVL15Suitable for valve handle 10” to 13” in diameter3567895
SGVL16Suitable for valve handle 13” to 18” in diameter45775123
SGVL17Suitable for valve handle 18” to 25” in diameter64375174


About Us

Lockey Safety Products Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in China, specializing in producing all kinds of safety lockout products to help avoiding industrial accidents, which are caused by the unexpected energization or start up of machines and equipments by the uncontrolled release of energy.


We provide all kinds of safety padlock, valve lockout, lockout hasp, electrical lockout, cable lockout, group lockout box, lockout kit and station.


In addition to providing professional lockout products, we also aim to provide you with the workable advice and provide a bespoke safety solution that is suited to your individual needs. We provide to both large and small businesses and we provide Lockout Tagout training and awareness courses.

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