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Heat Resistant Gray Flat PVB Film 0.76mm In Laminated Safety Glass

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Heat Resistant Gray Flat PVB Film 0.76mm In Laminated Safety Glass

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Product Details

Heat Resistant Gray Flat PVB Film 0.76mm In Laminated Safety Glass


1.1AppearancesAchromatic or slinghtly yellow lucid film With velvet surface that has no scar or crease .
1.2Dotted waste sundries and air buhbles 
 ≤0.05Allowed if exist separately
 0.05Not exceeding 8 places per filmNot exceeding 5 places per film
  Making marks Define an extanded 0.5 metar film per place Add one extra meter par place
2.1Thickness ( mm )0.38±0.020.76±0.02
2.2UniformityHorizontal thickness warp should not exceed 15um at a distance of 25mm; horizontal Ehickness warp Should not exceed 20um at a distance of 50cm.
2.3Length tolerance (m )0-50-2
2.4Width tolerance ( mm )0-20
3Moisture ( % )0.4-0.6
4Extending intansion ( MPa )≥20.0
5Ruplura extending rate (%)≥200
6Fograge (%)<0.4
7Shrinking rate (60/15min) ( % )≤12

PVB is the abbreviation of polyvinyl butyral. PVB film is made from PVB resin and plasticizer. It is a
non-toxic and smell-free soft sheet material with thickness between 0.38mm and 1.14 mm. It is the
best material for the interlayer of safety glass.
PVB interlayer is a macromolecule material molded by polyviny, butyral resin that is plasticized and
extruded by plasticity. Our PVB film with excellent light transparency, heat and cold resistance,
elasticity, is well-sticking to inorganic glass and the making of laminated safety glass. Usual
thickness specification is between 0.2 mm - 2 mm.
PVB interlayer is mainly used in making laminated safety glass. Laminated glass is a special
glass which is inserted with PVB film between two layers of common glass, which under high
heating temperature and pressure, binds to create a single construction. Because of PVB
laminated glass with the function of safety, heat preservation, noise proof, and ultraviolet
resistance, etc, it is widely used in areas such as high-rise building and auto. PVB film
with special formula is also used in aeroplane, space flight ware, military instrument,
solar battery, solar energy acceptor and so on.

Automotive Grade PVB film/Interlayer:
1) Automotive Grade PVB film is the main material to produce windshield.
2) The Color can be Clear,F green,Green on Clear,Blue on Clear,Gray on Clear,Green on F green,Blue on F green,Gray,Gray Black and so on.


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