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API 16A China BOP ram top seal and front packer /BOP variable ram

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API 16A China BOP ram top seal and front packer /BOP variable ram

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API 16 A Blowout Preventer Parts Shear Bore Ram Shear Ram/Variable Ram



Products Description :

Ram-type blow out preventer is important equipment used in oil drilling operations. Variable bore ram-type blowout preventer, as a improved type, is capable of sealing around drill pipes with a range of sizes and have advantanges such as low cost and convenience, expatiate on the sealing well mechanism, this paper discusses the structural characterstics of several typres fo variable bore ram, the operation of the varialble bore ram is simulated with the finite element model. the distribution of the stress is analysed, which provides the toudation for optinizing the design of variable bore ram-type blowout preventer.


Shear ram is composed of upper ram body ,lower ram body, top seal,right seal, left seal and tool face seal. Tool face seal is placed in th front slot of the upper ram body,with right seal and left seal on the both sides. The shear ram is installed in the BOP in the same manner sa the common ram.but need to replace tha hanger pf the main piston to hunger. otherwise it will not be used.

Main Parameters:

1. Standad: API 16 A and ISO 9001

2. Rated Pressure: 2000Psi to 15000Psi(14-17 Mpa)

3. Size: Nominal Bore: 7-1/16" to 21-1/4" (179.4mm to 539.75mm)

4. Type: Shear Ram/ Pipe Ram/ Variable Bore Ram

5. Usage : Single Ram BOP/ Double Ram BOP/ Three Ram BOP

6.Imitate: Camaron and Shaffer


Bore Size
Working Pressure (psi)5M10M15M5M10M15M5M10M15M5M10M5M10M


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