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Shanghai Ruiju Metal Products Co., Ltd

Shanghai Ruiju Metal Products Co., Ltd

About Us

Shanghai Ruiju Metal Products Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise specialized in the producing of aluminum ladders, frameworks and scaffoldings. The company own advanced producing facilities, superior R&D staff as well as experienced workers and excellent management system.
The company was established in April, 2001 with self-owned brand Ruiju . Until recently, the products including 8 varieties and more than 30 specifications which refer to EN131 Standard of Europe, and pass rigorous test. Some of them are produced according to Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS S 1121-1992) and Australia AS standards. The company also obtained ISO 9000 Quality System Certificate.
The main products include household ladder, multi-purpose ladder, extension ladder, various aluminum scaffolding, work platform and so on. Besides, the factory also can make customized products according to client s demands, including customized ladders for corollary equipment , deep processing of aluminum, precision manufacturing business.
The company mainly targets large-scale chain supermarkets in domestic & overseas markets, heavy equipment manufacturers, and now become a major supplier for chain supermarkets in China, as well as one of the cooperation partners for the largest retail enterprise in the world. Ruiju products cover every big and middle-class city and enjoy high reputation in domestic market and won the trust from customers. The company have established offices in every key city to meet the customers demands.
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We keep constant innovation as the core, adhere to the principles of surviving depend on quality, developing depend on trust and try our best to build the century enterprise with powerful technical force, perfect quality control system and high quality service. We hope to provide better products, better service to beautify our life and make all the customers satisfied.

Hot Products

Description: Conforms to GB 12142-2007”national compulsory standards High-strength aluminum alloy ...
Description: According to GB 12142-2007 standard internationally Made of the high-strength materials ...
Description: according to GB 12142-2007 standard internationally made of the high-strength materials ...
Description: according to GB 12142-2007 standard internationally made of the high-strength materials ...
Double side extension ladder YQSLT-6520 (with stabilizer bar)
3 section combined ladder

Company info

Company Name: Shanghai Ruiju Metal Products Co., Ltd
Province: Shanghai
Country: China
Address: No.89, Lane 455, Mid. Jiasong Rd.,Qingpu District, Shanghai, 201708, PR China P.C201708
Website: http://www.ruiju.com/