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XJLP - 200 Solid Rubber Pipe Extruder Rubber Machine 7000×1850×1680 mm

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XJLP - 200 Solid Rubber Pipe Extruder Rubber Machine 7000×1850×1680 mm

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Product Details

XJLP - 200 Solid Rubber Pipe Extruder Rubber Machine 7000×1850×1680 mm




Screw is divided to feeding section, compression section, throttling section, exhaust section and extrusion section. Throttling section adopts whorl which is shallow slot, equidistance and isobathic; it can makes rubber compound get higher shear and stable conveying process, meanwhile, it also increases exhaust effect.


Main application:

This extruder is mainly used to extrude various foam or solid rubber pipe, sheet, handle, sleeve, profile and sealing strip.


Main technical parameters:

model: XJLP-200

screw diameter (mm): 200mm

L/D ratio: 20:1

screw rotation speed (max.): 42r/min

motor power: 280-315kw

production capacity (max.): 800kgs

heating/cooling power (kw): 27kw

vacuum pump power: 3kw

external dimension (L*W*H): 7000*1850*1680mm

weight: 22000kgs


Questions and answers:

Q: how long will the extruder be finished?

A: It will be finished within 60 days.

Q: what about the service life of production line?

A: We have been manufacturing this machinery for nearly 20 years. Till now, there is no big problem. All the machines normally run.

Q: if there is breakdown, how can we do?

A: we provide spare parts for the extruder. If the problems cannot be solved by customer, we can send engineer or technician to customer’s factory at the fastest speed.

Q: Is there guarantee period for the extruder?

A: guarantee period: 12 months.

Q: what products can your extruder produce?

A: foam and solid rubber sheet, pipe, sleeve, handle, sealing strip and profile in different sizes.

Q: what kind service will you provide?

A: pre-sale investment planning, sale support, after sale services and long term technical support.

Q: How long have you produced this machinery?

A: Nearly 20 years.

Q: Will you do trial production in your factory?

A: We will do trial production in our company. After get customer’s acceptance, the machinery just can be delivered.

Q: what is the temperature controlled by?

A: water. Water heating and cooling.

Q: what materials can be used in the extruder?

A: synthetic rubber, natural rubber or rubber compound.

Q: what kind of package will be used when delivery?

A: water-proof plastic film and sandwich plate.

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