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Square Cooling Tower Wholesale Price

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Square Cooling Tower Wholesale Price

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Item No.: RS-STS-500-700

 FRP Square Type Cross Flow 500T-700T Cooling Tower Wholesale Price


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Description of the Cooling Tower,

Industrial cooling tower series for water chillers/Water Cooling Tower

--Water Cooling Tower With High standard bearing, with minimum noise;
--With High quality seal motor, completely water proof from exterior;
--Easy for installations;
--No need to maintain oil and with low power consumption Water Cooling Tower;
--With well performance pump, optional for model suiting for high temperature conditions.

1. Cooling capacity ranges from 3 to 780 M3/h, relevant refrigeration ton is from 5 to1000.
2. Body: FRP body which contain stabilization material resisting ultraviolet radiation. It has long service life.
3. Fan: Use special fan with variable section, twist and pitching blade. The fan
Works at an equal speed, a low self moving pressure, an energy-saving use and a low noise. Fixing angle of blade is changeable to meet the work demands and improve the efficiency.
4. Motor: Choose special electric motor with whole sealed cooling tower, we use 380V/3φ /50Hz mostly.
5. Fill: With round counter-flow model fill, be able to be extended the time and space of heat exchange.
6. Distribution: With rotating pipe model, the equipment is made of FRP
7. Structure: All structure be treated with rust-removing, hot dipped galvanized
Steel. All can bear corrosion, have high strength, be easily assembled and have
elegant surface.
8. Type: Standard, low noise and High temperature, industrial type to meet customer's needs


Feature of the Cooling Tower,

1,Cooling tower is mainly used for cooling in air conditioning system, frozen series, injection molding, leather, foam, power generation, steam turbine, aluminum processing, air compressors, industrial cooling water and other fields,

2, Most used for air conditioning cooling, freezing, plastic chemical industry.


Advantage of the Cooling Tower,

1, Light structure compact
2, Convenient assembly, durable, good cooling effect.
3, Resistance to irradiation of ultraviolet


Specification of the Cooling Tower,


Air volumecmm7085140160200230
Sound volume(16M)KBA45.54748505254
Operating weightkg180190290300500530
Basin diametermm9459451195119514001650
Tower hightmm138515351420159518251710



Air volumecmm280330420450700830
Sound volume(16M)KBA56.557.557596060
Operating weightkg5509751250128016001640
Basin diametermm165018302100210029002900
Tower hightmm178018401960204023752555


Air volumecmm95011501250150017502000
Sound volume(16M)KBA606060545556
Operating weightkg168019101930277028003930
Basin diametermm290033103310412041204730
Tower hightmm255531653165358035803680


Air volumecmm2200240026003750400050005500
Sound volume(16M)KBA5859606060.56161.5
Operating weightkg410059006000945096501210012400
Basin diametermm4730560056006600660076007600
Tower hightmm3650387038704900490049504950


Pump of the Cooling Tower,



Machine color--- Yellow or Green, or others;


Machine brand--- factory brand, OEM brand or no brand;



We do OEM!


We do B2B, B2C!




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Mrs. Pearl Zhu


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Water-cooled central water chiller/ screw chillers/ open type chiller;

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E-mail: 15113320579@vip.126.com


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