Glass Coating Equipment / Pvd Thin Film TiO blue and purple colors Coating Machine

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Glass Coating Equipment / Pvd Thin Film TiO blue and purple colors Coating Machine

Country/Region china
Categories Plastic Drying Machinery

Product Details

Glass coating equipment / pvd thin film Titanium Nitride Coating Equipment, PVD Plating System


The PVD Ion Plating Technology applied with Ceramic products has been developed and used since 1990' years; in last decades, the PVD ion plating machines have used widely in various ceramic products: ceramic tiles, ceramic mosaic wall tiles, ceramic tableware, ceramic kitchen ware, ceramic bathroom finishings like: ceramic basins, ceramic toilets, ceramic holders etc.



The principle of the cathodic arc is integrating cold cathode arc discharge self-sustained light unite pulse technique and magnetron sputtering technology, thinning the particles to improve the properties of the film. It can coat on the surface of the metal as well as nonmetal.

Applied industry: It can be used to coat metal film, titanium nitride, titanium carbide, and zirconium nitride, chromium nitride and titanium, nickel, chromium, copper , and other compounds film, multi-layer super-hard film, nitrogen-doped titanium film and the alloy film, and in a very short time to complete all the machining process, it is a highly efficient multi-functional coating equipment.

This machine is extensively used in the fields of ultra-hard coating about the tools and mould, decorative coating about car wheels, ceramics, golf, watches making, hotel product, sanitary ware, luminaires , optical frame, hardware, etc .

The machine can coat ceramic tiles, ceramic tableware, porcelain tiles, floor tiles, glass mosaic. glass tiles. Beside ceramic, you can also coat metal, glass products. Until now we have make the biggest machine for coating tiles, it's production ability is can coat 1500 square meter per day.

The machine is used to deposit TiN(gold color) ,Ti (silver color) and other coating on ceramic tiles. Thus it can replace the traditional paint gold, enhence the adhension, saves cost and improve production efficiency

Main Configuration:

1. Vacuum chamber is vertical one open door , 304 stainless steel manufactures, vacuum chamber internal diameter from φ1000mm-Φ2200mm;
2. Vacuum system by Rotary vane pump, Roots pump and Oil Diffusion Pumps or Molecular Pump Constitution;
3. Coating system uses 1-2 intermediate frequency magnetism to control the sputtering power source, has 1-2 pair of non-balanced magnetism to control the target, and has 8-32 arc sources.
4. High efficiency pulse bias power source;
5. The gasification system uses domestically produced or the import gaseous mass flowmeter, the gas flow amount control (demonstration) meter;
6. The electrically controlled system establishment electric circuit overloaded, cuts off the water supply, dies the acousto-optics alarm device;
7. Control system (touch-screen +PLC), real time display detailed parameter, completely automatic control entire production process, and automatic memory technological parameter

Color:gold, rose gold, silver, colorful, sapphire blue, black etc.
Coating:TiN,CrN,ZrN,TiCN,TiCrN,TiNC,TiALN and DLC
Remark:Specially tailored according to customers’ products and process requirements.




Ceramic Tableware PVD Vacuum Coating Equipment Models:

Chamber Inner size1000x800mm1000x1200mm1250x1350mm1400x1600mm1600x1600mm
Power supply typeArc power supply, filament power supply, pulse bias power supply
Structure of vacuum chamberVertical front door structure, rear air exhaust system and double-layer water cooling chamber
Material of vacuum chamberstainless steel 304/316L
Ultimate vacuum6.0x10-4Pa (unloading, clean, drying chamber)
Vacuum Pumping Speedfrom atmosphere to 8.0*10-3Pa ≤15 minutes
Vacuum pumping systemDiffusion pump or molecular pump + Roots pump + Mechanical pump + Holding pump
(the specific model can be selected according to customer requirements)
Arc source6 units or
8 units
8 units or
10 units
10 units or
12 units
14 units or
16 units
16 units or
18 units
Bias power supply20KW/set20KW/set30KW/set40KW/set50KW/set
Driving ModelPlanetary revolution and rotation, variable frequency speed regulation
(controllable and adjustable)
Heating SystemControllable and adjustable from room temperature to 450°C
(PID temperature control)
MFC3-path or 4-path process gas flow control and display system, selective automatic gassing system
Cooling SystemWater circulation cooling mode, cooling water tower or industrial water cooler or deep cooling system. (Provided by customers)
Control modeManual/automatic integration mode, touch screen operation, PLC or computer control
Total power30KW35KW45KW60KW75KW
Alarm and protectionAlarm water shortage, over current and overvoltage, open circuit and other abnormal conditions of pumps, targets and so on and execute relevant protective measures and electric interlock function
Equipment areaW2.5m*L3.5mW3m*L4mW4m*L5mW4.5m*L6mW5m*L7m
Other technical parametersWater Pressure ≥0.2MPa, Water Temperature ≤25°C, Air Pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
RemarksThe specific configuration of coating equipment can be designed according to process requirements of coating products




Other customized machine sizes are vailable based on specified product dimensions and capacity demand.

Please contact us for more specifications, Royal Technology is honored to provide you total coating solutions.

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