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Automatic RO Deionized Water System in Pharmaceutical Production

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Automatic RO Deionized Water System in Pharmaceutical Production

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Product Details

Automatic RO Water Deionization Purification System in Pharmaceutical Production

1. Technicals of Water Deionization Purification System in Pharmaceutical


Multi-media filterSS304,tank,automaticused to filter sand and sediment (turbidity) down to approximately 20 Microns
Activated Carbon filterSS304,tank,automaticremove chlorine from feed water, which protects TFC membrane from damaging chemical reaction with chlorine(will not need if the raw water is well water)
Softener filterautomatic dosingreduce the hardness of tap water to protect RO membranes
Precision filterstainless steelfuther filting of the water before inlet to ro membrane,protect high pressure pump and ro membrane
High pressure pumCNP / Groundfosprovide the necessary pressure for ro membrane

RO membrane

(Double stage)

DOW USA, SS304 vessel housingdesaliation rate of dow 8040 ro membrane is above 99%,removing over 99% irons
pasteurization devicechoosabletube or plate type, suitable for disinfection of activated carbon filter and final delivery pipe system to protect from bateria growing
UV lamp disinfection for ro water
WeldingAutomatic Welding 


2.Features of the Water Deionization Purification System in Pharmaceutical



No.UnitParameter introduction
1Feed water demand

Feed water inlet pressure:0.3-0.4Mpa

Feed water inlet pipe diameter: DN20

Water supply method: 24 Hour water supply

2Power supply

Power voltage: 380V/220V

Power frequency: 50HZ




Humidity: <70%

Temperature: 5℃- 40℃,suggested 20℃- 30℃




relay control
5Project scopeStart from the inlet of Raw water tank, end to user point, both terminals with a pipe ( 1 meter length)
6ChemicalsSupplied by users

3. Product water quality meet the USP


Conductivity(at 25 °C)μs/cm≤1.3
Oxidisable substances--Absence
Heavy metalsppm≤0.2
Residue on evaporation testmg/L≤1

4. Cetifications And Wirtten Materials for Pharmaceutical Purified Water System

  • ISO 19001 / ISO 14385 / CE / Famous brand in China
  • 3Q validations written materials
  • FDA certifications for the components
  • Manual Operation / Guiding
  • And others written materials customers need 

5. Process of Pharmaceutical Purified Water System


Pretreatment unit + double stages reverse osmosis unit+EDI unit

Remarks for sanitization ways in different device

  • Activated Carbon Filter is pasteurization
  • RO system is chemical disinfection
  • The purified water distribution system is ozone disinfection.
  • RO system set up independent cleaning system.

5. Our service 

  • OEM products
  • Training for customers` worker
  • Installation on site
  • Make 3Q written material 
  • Offer Automatic welding machine
  • Check the project on site before installation
  • Offer FDA certifications for meters and valves

6. How to avoid the biofilm:

      Keep water flow velocity ≥1.5m/s in the delivery pipe;

      keep the water flow velocity ≥1m/s in the cycle water system.

We use these 3 ways to control the biofilm:

  • We use the Automatic welding technology to double-sided molding;
  • We also Pickling passivation to form a protective film
  • We use Polishing tube in the system ,so The pipe itself is very smooth

7. Consumption Parts


Maintain DeviceMaintain projectMaintenance cycle
Multimedia filterBacking washingP>0.08MPa or SDI>4
Actived carbon filterBacking washingP>0.08MPa or every 3 days
Softener filterBacking washing and changeableWhen the hardness can’t meet the standards
Precision PP filterChangeable2-3months
RO membranesanitizationWater flow velocity reduce 10% or pressure increase
UV lampChangeableAfter 2000hours






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