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Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System for boiler feed pure water machine

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Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System for boiler feed pure water machine

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Product Details

Industrial Reverse Osmosis purification for boiler feed pure water machine


1. Application


Many water supplies contain hardness minerals and elements that build up inside pips, valves, fixtures and appliances. And make water taste bad. Water softeners filter out these minerals like calcium and magnesium. Protect pipes from scaling, corrode and clogging up. The dishes will be cleaner, and spotless. The appliances will have longer life and cost can be saved.

Remove the hardness mineral out of water by Ion exchange using a bed of ion exchange resin which covered with Sodium ions. As hard water goes through the bed, the hardness mineral ions (calcium and magnesium) replace the: Sodium ion on the beads.


1.Make-up water for boilers

2.Cafeteria-food service

3.Classroom Labs

4.Cooling towers

5.Pools Ice Machines

6.Vending machines

7.Fountain Service

8.Drinking water

9.Facility Use


2. Main Features

1) stainless steel 304 bracket and membrane housing, more corration-resistant than other sst 201 material.

2) UPVC pipes and fittings, more durable and easier maintenance than other pvc material.

3) Special protection for power cut or other emergency water cut, filter tanks will not be sucked to be broken.

3. Product Overviews


4. Process of water purification treatment system


Source tank →Feed water pump → multi-media filter(sands filter) → active carbon filter → water softener(or inhibitor dosing)→PP filter→ high-pressure pump →RO system→PH adjust system →RO tank →EDI booster pump →UV sterilization →PP filter→ EDI system →EDI tank → transfer pump → outlet water


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