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High Salt Rejection Seawater To Drinking Water Machine / Water Desalination

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High Salt Rejection Seawater To Drinking Water Machine / Water Desalination

Country/Region china
City & Province guangzhou guangdong
Categories Woodworking Machinery

Product Details

High Salt Rejection Water Desalination / Desalination Technology





1. Quartz sand filter:Quartz sand filter is to remove the suspended solids, big particle matters, water SDI after sand filter will be less than 4, turbidity less than 1NTU

2. Active carbon filter:Active carbon filter can absorb bad smell, some germs, and free chlorine.


3. Micro filter cartridge filter with PPF filter element to protect RO membranes by removing all the possibly residual impurities, filtration precision is 5 μm.


4. RO membrane filtration precision is 0.0001micron, desalination rate is 98-99%, all the salts and germs are removed. It also need to clean after running a while.

    We design a Cleaning In Place system for RO unit, clients donot need to remove all membranes to clean.



Technical specification:


ModelRO-1000/J(450L / H)
Capacity of water production450L / H
power supplyAC 220V/380v 50HZ
Booster pumpBLC70/100
Pretreatment - Sand filter stainless steel vesselΦ250*H1400
Pretreatment - Quartz Sand filter75kgs
Pretreatment - GAC filter stainless steel vesselΦ250*H1400
Pretreatment - active carbon filter100kgs
PP sediment filter S.S..10" * 5 x 1
1st RO membrane moduleBW30HRLE-1010 X 2
2nd RO membrane moduleBW30HRLE-1010 X 1
high pressure pumpCDL2-180 X 1
Outer size of the machine1500 X 550 X 1650mm
pipelinePVC - U





1. Continuously water purifing, without generation, lower labor intensity
2. 97%—99% desalination with original import reverse osmosis membrane
3. 98% organic mater and bacteria wiped off , over 98 heat source
4. Online conductivity monitoring , ensure good effluent
5. PLC microcomputer monitoring , timing flush reverse osmosis membrane to ensure high quality purified water



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