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Professional Portable Water Desalination Unit Sea Water Filter System Compact Structure

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Professional Portable Water Desalination Unit Sea Water Filter System Compact Structure

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Industrial RO Pure Water Treatment Equipment / RO Water Purification Unit for Processing


We, Zhong Kang Environment, specialized in water treatment since 2009. Having 3 factories, with our headquarter located in Guangzhou for small and medium size desalination equipment production (2000 m2), as well as the R&D centre and administration management. The second factory is located in Zhaoqing (4000 m2) for large water treatment, waste water treatment and seawater desalination production. The third is located in Huizhou (A area and B area, 6000 m2), for bottled water production line manufacturing.


Introduction about RO


RO (Reverse Osmosis), the basic working principle is: using of a special high pressure pump, increasing 6-16 bar pressure to feed water, then forced feed water goes through 0.0001 micro reverse osmosis membrane. Only water molecules and solvent less than 0.0001 microns can pass through the RO membrane. Chemical ionization, and bacteria, fungal, virus will be hold back and discharged with concentrated water.


RO System Operating Parameters


1. Operating Pressure: < 1.6 Mpa

2. Maximum Recovery: 60% - 75%

3. Nominal Rejection rate: 95-99%

4. Operating Temperature: 2-40 ºC

5. Minimum Inlet Pressure: 0.1-0.3 Mpa

6. Design Temperature: 25 ºC


Advantages of RO Water Filter


1. Compact structure, small footprint, low investment costs, low energy consumption;

2. Reverse osmosis system is a physical process, no phase change, significant energy-saving;

3. Simple operation, easy to realize automatic control, labor-saving, Highly pollution-resistant separation device, easy to clean.

4. High recovery rate and desalination, can produce fresh water from rivers, lakes, well water, sea water or brackish water;

5. Removal of organic matter, bacteria, colloidal and impurities in the water, obtain high purity water;

6. Advanced membrane protection system, when operating on/off switch, system can automatically operate flush function, reduce pollution, extend the life of the membrane.


Treatment Technical Process of Reverse Osmosis Filtration


Raw water----booster pump---quartz sand filter---activated carbon filter---water softener (optional)---security filter----high pressure pump--- RO system--- UV system (optional) ---pure water tank (optional)


Applications of RO Plant


Electronic industrialCleaning water of electronic components (Integrated circuits, silicon chips, display tube, electrode foil
Pharmaceutical industryTransfusion, injections, tablets, biochemical products, equipment cleaning, etc.
Chemical industryChemical recycling water,chemical products manufacturing,chemical fertilizer
Electric power industry, Boiler Feed waterThermal power boiler, low pressure boiler power system in factories and mines
Food industryPure drinking water, beverages, beer, wine, health products
Seawater, brackish water desalinationIsland, ships, offshore drilling platforms, brackish water
Drinking waterEstate, communities, enterprises
OthersGrey water reuse, coated glass, fine chemicals, printing and dyeing


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