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Fully CLose Reverse Osmosis Equipment SS Box Type Water Purifier Plant With Wheel Easy Moving

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Fully CLose Reverse Osmosis Equipment SS Box Type Water Purifier Plant With Wheel Easy Moving

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City & Province guangzhou guangdong
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Product Details

Fully CLose Reverse Osmosis Equipment SS Box Type Water Purifier Plant with Wheel Easy Moving


Box type RO system: easy moving, sllim can be set up anywhere.

Production Capacity: 250LPH / 500LPH / 1000LPH / 1500LPH etc...


 Reverse Osmosis System 


The second-stage reverse osmosis purified water equipment adopts the purified water treatment technology widely used today. The pre-treatment combined with the + reverse osmosis system can effectively remove the salt and impurities in the water, which is the standard of purified water and has advanced technology.


The production water quality is stable, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. It can be used in the medical device industry, meets the requirements of the 2015 Chinese Pharmacopoeia, meets the requirements of the US and European Pharmacopoeia, and can pass the GMP standard and FDA certification; the system adopts the automatic control mode, the mobile computer can be remotely monitored and controlled in real time, and the operation fault can be automatically notified.


It runs and provides alarm information, and the operation is safe, stable and reliable. It is the preferred configuration mode for purified water equipment in the pharmaceutical production

and pharmaceutical industries.


 Technical index and working 


1.Water pressure:0.18-0.6Mpa
2.Working temperature:1°c-55°c
3.Hardness of raw water: <8mmol/L
4.Operation method:manual/automatic
5.Hardness of effluent water: ≤0.03mmol/L
6.water flow: 0.3-20 t/h
7.Rebirth method:resin
8.Control method: time or flow
9.Working electric: 100-220V,60/50Hz




Raw water tank(buyer supply)→ raw water pump→quartz sand filter →activated carbon filter→security filter→1st high pressure pump→1st ro membrane→2rd high pressure pump→2rd ro membrane→pure water tank+UV sterilizer(ozone generator)→pure water tank(buyer supply) +water supply point


1. The reverse osmosis forward water temperature is about 25 ± 2 °C.
2. Reverse osmosis system includes: security filter, high pressure pump, reverse osmosis membrane group, control instrument, etc.
3. The water treatment system of this project is based on the RO desalination system.  The quartz filter, activated carbon filter and security filter are pre-processed to ensure the normal operation of the ro system.
4. Process characteristics: Compared with traditional ion exchange demineralization, reverse osmosis desalination has the advantages of long-term stable operation, high reliability, high processing precision, long operating cycle and low operating cost.


Old design:


New design:


500LPH Fiber glass pretreatment tank Reverse Omosis system


1000LPH Stainless steel pretreatment tank Reverse Omosis system


250LPH high pressure pump & electric control box 


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