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Integrated Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water System One Year Guarantee

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Integrated Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water System One Year Guarantee

Country/Region china
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Commercial Reverse Osmosis System
Waterland Reverse Osmosis (R/O) Systems are designed to provide the commercial and industrial user with the most trouble free, cost effective and reliable form of water treatment available, by providing every option necessary for a successful installation. RO systems utilize stainless steel/FRP pressure vessels, stainless steel pipes, stainless steel frames and skids, solid state controls, integral conductivity monitors, flow controls, feed water and permeate water level inter‐lock control, pressure gauges, throttling valves, high pressure relief valves, multiple stage pre‐filters, low suction pressure cut‐off controls and recirculation loops on most models for high recovery rates and optimum performance. Reverse Osmosis Systems are engineered to function with both well, municipal and waste water sources (with chlorine removal provided). We utilize the most current membrane technology available, and dissolved solids removal rates are typically 97% or more.
Principles of Reverse Osmosis
R/O systems employ thin film composite spiral wound membrane elements for superior performance. To simply describe the process, pump
pressure is used to supply source water to reverse osmosis membranes. These special membranes allow only high quality water to permeate
them. In turn, they reject metals, salts, ionic and organic impurities which are processed to waste. Suspended solids are removed by pre‐filters
which are standard components on all RO systems.
Feed water inlet pipe3/4” and 1”NPT/BSP1”NPT/BSP1”NPT/BSP1/2”NPT/BSP
Outlet pipe3/4”NPT/BSP3/4”NPT/BSP3/4”NPT/BSP1/2”NPT/BSP
Pre‐filter cartridgeOne 2.5”x20”One 4.5”x20”One 4.5”x20”One 2.5”x20”
RO membraneOne 40x40Two 40x40Three 40x40One 40x21
Recovery rate50%50%75%50%
Motor H.P.
Volts / HZ110‐220V/50‐60HZ110‐220V/50‐60HZ110‐220V/50‐60HZ110‐220V/50‐60HZ
Permeate flow meterYesYesYesYes
Concentrate flow meterYesYesYesYes
Feed conductivity meterYesYesYesYes
Permeate conductivity meterYesYesYesYes
Feed pressure gaugeYesYesYesYes
Concentrate pressure gaugeYesYesYesYes
Auto‐self protection systemYesYesYesYes
Length x Width x Height(cm)70 x 56 x 14670 x 56 x 14680 x 56 x 14670 x 56 x 100
Shipping Weight80KGS100KGS130KGS60KGS
Moving wheelsYesYesYesYes
 Feed water quality and product water quality inspection.
 With alarming system.
 Auto start and stop system interlock with feed water tank and product water tank.
 Low pressure and high pressure protection system.
 One year quality guarantee.
Feed Water
Type: Ground water, surface water, tap water, river water, industrial waste water etc.
TDS: 5,000ppm max.
Product Water
For drinking and industrial production.
Flow rate: 250LPH min.
Keep away from fire, chemicals and rain.

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