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Mining Exploitation High Pressure Roots Blower With Discharge Pressure Gauge

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Mining Exploitation High Pressure Roots Blower With Discharge Pressure Gauge

Country/Region china
City & Province shandong
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Product Details

DSR350G 97.9-172.4m3/min 98Kpa Mine Flotation High Pressure Industrial Blowers

Product Introduce


DICHENG DSR350G Mine Flotation High Pressure Industrial Blowers adopts the advanced technology of Japan,

Type of technologyPositive displacement blowers
DesignPositive pressure
Air capacity97.9 to 172.4 m³/min
Discharge Pressure58.8 to 98Kpa
MediumAir, Neutral gases
Discharge Diameter350mm(or customized)


The main characteristic of our Mine Flotation High Pressure Industrial Blower is small volume, light weight, flow strong, noise small, steadily reliable operation. This Mine Flotation High Pressure Industrial Blower is mainly applied to such trades as water treatment, air transport, mine, vacuum packaging, aquaculture and etc. Our products export to Southeast Asia, Europe, North and South America and etc.


Product Feature

1. Air flow and pressure can be customized
2. Stable air flow and less pressure variation
3. Clean air not with oil moist
4. Construction simple and easy maintenance
5. Bearing are all lubricated by oil moist
6. Long service life

the service life of Mine Flotation High Pressure Industrial Blowers:
In normal use environment

A- Service life of blower is more than 10 years.
B- Service life of Impeller is more than 60,000 hours.
C- Service life of bearing is more than 50,000 hours.

D- Service life of gear is more than 60,000 hours.

Mine Flotation High Pressure Industrial Blowers Structure Diagram

No.NameMaterialQ' tyNo.NameMaterialQ' ty
1ShellHT200114Z sealing ringNitrile rubber1
3Drive shaft45Cr116Gear lock washerQ2352
4Driven shaft45Cr117Gear lock nutSS4002
5Drive side sidingHT200118GearboxHT2001
6Gear side sidingHT200119Sleeve451
7Drive bearingNSK220End coverQ2352
8Driven bearingNSK221Pin451
9Sealing ringNitrile rubber222Plug351
10Sealing ringNitrile rubber223Oil gauge 1
11Bearing sleeve45424Vent 1
12Bearing coverHT200125Grease nippleC36052
13Bearing coverHT200126Gearbox sealsBarley paper2

Mine Flotation High Pressure Industrial Blowers Accessorie
Inlet filter silencer, Discharge silencer, Anchor bolts, Baseframe, Safety valve, Check valve, Discharge pressure gauge, Flexible connections, Lubricant oil.

Mine Flotation High Pressure Industrial Blowers Application

Water TreatmentAquaculturePowder and granules
Be used in water treatment plant for water purification and sediment mixingBe used in a variety of fish pond for oxygen supply and mixing, and also for aquariums and live fish tankPowder or granules
(such as plastic materials, etc.) can be transported by pressure or vacuum
IncineratorBallast pumpSandblast
Air combustion and exhaust emissionsUsed for chemical liquid unloading and other ballast pumpsUsed as air source for blast jet
BoosterCompost fermentationCereals Transportation
Used for high-pressure exhaust to make the gas into tiny moleculesHigh-pressure air take into the livestock manure tank to increase contact area of livestock manure and air , also apply to sewage treatmentCereals such as wheat are transported from the rotary pilot valve with air
Pipe clearingSaunaPlating Bath
Used to remove dirt and iron dust during pipeline replacement or overhaulUsed for the sauna to provide air bubbles, mainly used for hospitals, hotels and etc.Use air to stir the electrolyte to keep the electrolyte circulation, and disperse the attached blister to make plating quickly, spread evenly
Produce line dryingCar wash drySmoke exhaust
Quickly remove the water or oil on the cleaned itemsDry the car after washingExhaust smoke quickly to reduce pollution
Stripping from moldAir cushion of
Cut off machine
Dry air knife
Easy to remove the finished product after stampingIncrease buoyancy, easy to moveUse the blower to blow off the tiny dust and water droplets on the circuit board
Feed paper/clothWashing machine
blow dry
Gas /heavy fuel injection
Collect plastic, cloth, paper and other scrap generated after trimmingDried bottles after washing, suitable for food industryProvide high pressure (2000 mmAq) and sufficient air volume

Common malfunctions and Solution

BlowerCan not rotateCan rotated by handThe motor is damagedRepair or replace the motor
Can rotated round by handThe lobes are lockedOpen to repair
The impurity in blowerOpen to clean
Can rotateAbnormal sound or vibrationSkid, v-belt is too tight or too looseAdjust v-belt tension
Pulley offsetReset pulley
Pulley and belt cover frictionAdjust belt cover
Bearing oil lack or agingTo replace the oil
Gear oil lack or agingTo replace the oil
The safe valve leakageAdjust the safe valve
Foundation insufficient strengthTo strengthen the foundation strength
Piping resonanceEliminate by the silencer and support
Exhaust pressure rises abruptlySee *annotated
Anchor bolt is too looseTighten
Rotor interferenceOpen to repair
The impurity in blowerOpen to clean
Check valve badReplace
OverheatingExhaust pressure rises abruptlySee *annotated
Temperature of working environment exceeds 40 ºCVentilated working environment
Inlet silencer obstructionCleaning/replace filter
Airflow insufficientPipeline leaksTighten the pipe connection
Inlet silencer obstructionCleaning/replace filter
The safe valve leakageAdjust the safe valve
V-belt is too looseAdjust v-belt tension
Exhaust pressure rises abruptlySee *annotated
Exhaust pressure rises abruptlyShut off the valveFully open the valve
The water level risesAdjust water level
Inlet/outlet pipe jamsCleaning debris
Valve bad or twist reversed directionReplace or reverse direction twist
Airflow overpoweredReduce round speed or exhaust
Oil leakLubrication oil overmuchRefuel to the center of oil standard

Processing Workshop


CE certificate, ISO9001 certificate and SGS certificate.


1. What's the information should I provide when inquiry?
A: Air capacity
B: Pressure
C: Application
D: Use environment(Temperature, atmospheric pressure)
E: Do you need motor?
Or other specials you give us will be more appreciated.
2. What is your warranty?
Our warranty is 12 months after received the roots blower. During the warranty period, replace the damaged parts for free of charge. Out warranty period, to provide timely, high-quality technical services and price concessions spare parts to ensure continuous safe and high-quality equipment operation.
What is your terms of packing?

A: Generally, we pack our small blowers in Immunized Fumigation-Free Wood Case, the large blowers are packed on iron pallet. If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.
4. How does your factory control product quality?
We have quality inspection department. All blowers are running more than 3 hour before delivery to test the quality. If there is quality problem, we will produce new one.
5.What are your terms of payment?


Description of Performance parameters

The performance parameters table shows the model, outlet diameter, rotate speed, discharge pressure, air capacity and power of motor.

1. The air capacity and pressure in the tables is in standard suction state. The standard suction state is 20ºC temperature, 1.033 kgf/cm2(101.3Kpa) Standard atmospheric pressure and 65% relative humidity.

2. The air capacity and pressure range of some blower models is repeated, to ensure the service life and low noise, should use the larger model.


DSR-350G Roots blower

Rotate Speed




Air Capacity









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