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Address: No.275,Guoding East Road,Yangpu District,Shanghai Municipality

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JIMA Copper

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About Us

JIMA copper Mainly producing high end copper foil,strips products, such as electrolytic copper foil/rolled copper foil, applying to high precise electric products, such as FPCB, lithium battery etc. Super high tensile strength copper foil , high elongation, fine surface treatment precision, Long high temperature oxidation resistance copper foil.


Equipment &Capacity

23 copper foil production line,and 6 cutting machine;Production Capacity :6000~10000Ton/year


ED copper foil factory:

Thickness 0.006-0.2 mm, Width 5-1380 mm.

Application: CCL,FCCL,PCB,FPC,lithium battery, super capacitor, Medical equipment shielding.


RA copper foil ( Rolled copper foil,annealed copper foil ) factory

Thickness 0.009-0.5 mm, Width 5-630 mm.

Application: CCL,FCCL,PCB,FPC,lithium battery, super capacitor, Medical equipment shielding.heat exchanger brazin.


Quality test: mainly as the surface grain size test, conductivity test, thickness uniformity test, the tensile strength test, elongation test, oxidation resistance test, the resistance to bending test.

Company Operation: We emphasize the combination of new product R&D and marketing, and cooperate with research institutes as well as our own design team for new products developing with good combination with actual application. Cooperated with the professional sales group, we are devoted to establish our own brand and cover the market all over the world.


JIMA copperis one of brand under JIMA GROUP, JIMA GROUP bases on metal material processing, expanded to high en aluminum plates, such as aluminum plates applying to aircraft ,motor vehicle, and precise copper foil(applying to precise electric circuit, power battery and super capacity), later extended to the industrial chain of beverage containers (aluminum cans, PET cans,paper beverage carton), also new energy battery and flexible packaging (New products: High end carbon coated aluminum foil, high end carbon coated copper foil, mainly applying to supper capacity and lithium battery industrial. We insist to R&D high end products, exploit deep process, optimize the industrial chain, promote global business cooperation consistently .

Hot Products

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Thickness 0.018mm (1/2oz, 18um) single side black treated RA Copper foil For FCCL Blackened Black ...
Thickness 0.010mm or 10um double side red treated RA Rolled Copper foil For FPC flexible printed ...
Low profile 0.025mm single side black treated Rolled Copper foil For FCCL​ Quickly details . Low ...
Excellent etching performance 0.035mm (35um,1oz ) double side Rolled Copper foil For FCCL Quickly ...

Company info

Company Name: JIMA Copper
City: shanghai
Province: shanghai
Country: china
Address: No.275,Guoding East Road,Yangpu District,Shanghai Municipality