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Down The Hole Drilling Tools For Water Well Drilling DTH Drill Pipes API Regular Thread / F Thread

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Down The Hole Drilling Tools For Water Well Drilling DTH Drill Pipes API Regular Thread / F Thread

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Product Details

Down The Hole Drilling Tools

 DTH Drill Pipes

Length: 1000mm - 6000mm



In DTH drilling, the rock drilling bit is a continuation of the shank, which the rock drill piston strikes directly. Since the piston is in direct contact with the drill bit, little energy is lost. This gives DTH drilling a nearly constant penetration rate regardless of hole length.DTH drilling enables drillers to reach hole depths that are double of what top hammer drilling can do. This is possible with the use of DTH Pipes and DTH Subs.


Drill pipe is a major drill component which connects rotary system,hoisting system,circulation system with drill collar and bit.Through it the rotary table drives the bit rotation,hook drives bit up and down and drill fluid flows to the bottom forming circle to make the bit breaks rock and reaches continuous drilling.


Down th hole drill pipes play a significant role in all DTH drilling, regardless of application, rock type, hole depth or drill rig. The key features of a high quality DTH tube are durability, accuracy and manageability. KSQ DTH drill pipes are made of superior alloy and the both thread ends are friction welded to the seamless steel pipe.The high pressure air is delivered to DTH hammer by DTH drill pipe, simultaneously it transfers the rotation and press force to the DTH hammer.

Outer diameterThreadWall thicknessLengthWrench flatWeight
7632 3/8 API Reg5.52/910003 2/7572 1/417
7635.52/915005572 1/422
7635.52/920006 5/9572 1/426
7635.52/930009 5/6572 1/435
7632 3/8 API Reg


2/910003 2/7652 5/917
7635.52/915005652 5/922
7635.52/920006 5/9652 5/926
7635.52/930009 5/6652 5/935
7632 3/8 API Reg6.51/430009 5/6652 5/946
7636.51/4450014 3/4652 5/956
7636.51/4600019 2/3652 5/973
893 1/22 3/8 API Reg5.52/910003 2/7652 5/920
893 1/25.52/915005652 5/925
893 1/25.52/920006 5/9652 5/930
893 1/25.52/930009 5/6652 5/940
893 1/22 3/8 API Reg6.51/410003 2/7652 5/921
893 1/26.51/415005652 5/926
893 1/26.51/420006 5/9652 5/932
893 1/26.51/430009 5/6652 5/945
893 1/26.51/4450014 3/4652 5/965
893 1/26.51/4600019 2/3652 5/984
Outer diameterThreadWall thicknessLengthWrench flatWeight
502F42×104.51/610003 2/7401 5/8-
602 3/8F48×104.51/610003 2/7401 5/8-
602 3/8F48×104.51/615005401 5/8- 
602 3/8F48×104.51/620006 5/9401 5/8- 
602 3/8F48×104.51/630009 5/6401 5/8- 


Competitive Advantage:

High strength chromium-molybdenum steel with high fatigue strength and excellent wear resistance.



• DTH Drilling
• Quarry Drilling
• Water well drilling

Underground mining




Q: What methods of payment are accepted?
A: We work with T/T, L/C, AliBaba, Paypal, West Union, Money Gram.
Q: Can we select the color of the products?
A: Yes, sure. Either you can choose the color among our standards or we can make it exactly according to your requirements.
Q: Can we use our company's logo on your products?
A: Yes, we can be OEM Company for you.
Q: What's your delivery time?
A: It depends on the quantity of your order, but normally the manufacture time is around 10-20 days. And the delivery time depends on the way of shipment (by air/by sea). We always advice you the best way of delivery use the individual approach according to your requirements.
Q: What about the shipment?
A: It's based on the product type and the order quantity. We use carton or wooden box (also we can follow your reqirements) ans we can send it to you by Air or by Sea, either send the products to your Chinese agent.
Q: How to control the quality?
A: We always carefully check all the details before shipment, we are always online with you if any questions. Your satisfaction with our products is one of our main aims. We can send all the prooves if any questions.
Q: Do you offer sample order?
A: Yes, we welcome you to order some samples for testing our quality. For cheching the quality it's need only 1-2 samples to understand our really high quality and be sure in our production.
Q: Do you have after-sale service and warranty period?
A: Yes, of course. We offer our clients after-sale maintenance, technical support and warranty. If any questions or problems, please contact us asap and we will reply you within 24 hours.
Q: Do you have any social network to follow your updates?
A: We have:
Instagram: ksq_tech;
Twitter: @KsqCo - KSQ Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd.
Facebook: KSQ Technologies
YouTube: in the search box type KSQ Technologies and you will find some videos of our work.


P.S. Our company has been certificated by Chinese government, and verified by Alibaba Trade Assurance, 100% refund of the Trade Assurance Amount. Alibaba can guarantee all of your payment, you don't need to worry about it, everything is controlled by world corporations. We are fair with our customers and do our best to be reliable company for you!



Package: Wooden Box; also we can follow customers' requirements.
Delivery time is around 10-20 days.



MIROC® Production:
Integral Rods

Plug Hole Rods
Tapered Drilling Tools
Extension Drilling Tools
Drifting and Tunneling Tools
Reaming Tools
Shank Rods
Coupling Sleeves
Shank Adapters (Striking Bars)
Down-the-hole (DTH) Bits
Down-the-hole (DTH) Hammers


Company Information:

DTH Drill Bit 127mm DHD340 Bit Shank With Spherical and Ballistic Carbide Have Foot Valve

The MIROC® Rock Drilling Tools product line by KSQ Technologies (Beijing) Co.Ltd. is the result of years of advanced engineering, precision manufacturing, and dedication to the use of high-quality materials.
MIROC® Rock Drilling Tools are used by many drilling professionals related to mining, construction, tunneling, and quarrying projects around the globe.


We take pride in being the only manufacturers in China that has a diverse line of DTH bits that range from 3"-47"(76mm~1200mm) in diameter with most the leading hammer shanks.


Made from high quality alloy steel and advanced heat-treatment, our bits are ensured extreme protection against wear and fatigue. They're also available in four different bit-head designs - Convex, Flat, Concave and Drop center face, and four different inserts-Spherical,Ballistic,Semi-ballistic,Two-Step to tackle any challenge and rock formations.

KSQ Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd.


Elisa Zarovkina (Елизавета)

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