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Formation Clay PDC Drill Bit For IADC Code PC2449 / M431 With Fastness Nozzles

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Formation Clay PDC Drill Bit For IADC Code PC2449 / M431 With Fastness Nozzles

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Product Details

PDC Drill Bit for IADC Code PC2449 / M431 with Fastness Nozzles


• Short cone crown profile
• Ø13 cutters
• Power of counterpoise design
• Fastness nozzles
• Gage of slot design

T.F.A. values of nozzle sizes (mm2)


We can make various kinds of diamond drill bits and core bits form 4″ to 171/2″, and can research, develop,design and manufacture special purpose diamond bits according to customer’s requirements.
We possess not only advanced diamond bit design & manufacturing techniques but also advanced manufacturing equipment. We also have high-technology talents coming back from abroad and high-qualified skilled technicians engaged in diamond bit manufacturing for more than 20 years.

Our facilities are ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certified.The diamond bits made by us are completely in compliance with API and SY/T5217-2000 Standards.



Suitable for formation grades such as clay, marl, sand, shale, and salt.


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