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Small Hole Drilling Tools H25 Threaded Cross Bits 35 - 76mm For Underground Coal Mining

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Small Hole Drilling Tools H25 Threaded Cross Bits 35 - 76mm For Underground Coal Mining

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Product Details

Small hole drilling tools H25 Threaded Cross Bits 35~76mm For Underground Coal Mining


Product Specification

Miroc H25 Cross type bit with steel inserts using thread system. It has a slow penetration rate but it produces a very straight drill hole.
• Steel inserts
• Widely used in dimensional stone industry, drifting and tunneling




Cross Type Bit parameter


Cross Tye Bits
DiameterButton(mm)Flushing HolesPart No.
351 3/8"13*8*1241 
381 1/2"14*8*1241 
411 21/32"15*8*1241 
451 49/64"17*8*1241 
481 57/64"17*8*1441 
572 1/4"22*10*1641 
641 33/64"24*10*1641 



Cross Tye Bits
R28(1 1/8")
DiameterButton(mm)ThreadPart No.
351 3/8"14*8R25 
381 1/2"14*8R25 
411 5/8"14*8R25 
431 11/16"14*8R25 
381 1/2"14*8R28 
431 11/16"14*8R28 
451 3/4"14*8R28 




Cross Tye Bits
R28(1 1/8")
DiameterButton(mm)ThreadPart No.
451 3/4"16*10R32 
481 7/8"16*10R32 
572 1/4"16*10R32 
642 1/2"16*10R32 


Taper Cross Bit

Taper Cross BitBit DiameterButtonsTaperWater HolesPart No.
321 17/64"6-8*123 
341 11/32"6-8*123 
361 27/64"6-8*123 
381 1/2"6-8*123 
401 37/64"6-8*123 
421 21/32"6-8*123 


The Feature of H25 Cross Bit

1.The H25 threaded cross bit & Button Bit  connect with H25 threaded drill rod perfectly for drilling holes
2.Stale and mature welding technology ensure high quality of bits
3.work reliable and very cost-effective

4.High grade tungsten carbide inserts
5 Bit bodies manufactured from high grade steel and processed using state-of-the-art CNC machinery and heat treatment

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Our Company

KSQ Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd. is a diversified enterprise based in Beijing, China, offering a portfolio of products that help contribute to a better bottom line and increase workplace safety for the construction and mining industries. The company caters to medium to large scale clients who are doing projects and capital expansion, as well as to firms who require support with consumable products, maintenance, and repair operations. Our operations are based on the unique expertise of our people and knowledge with customer processes.


Our portfolio includes:
Consumables used in the mining and construction industries
Equipment used in the mining and construction industries
Spare parts used for the equipment we sell for the mining and construction industries
Green technologies, such as products that reduce electric consumption or use alternate sources of energy (solar, wind, etc.)



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