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T38 / T45 Extension MF Threaded Drill Rod With 10ft / 12ft Length For Benching

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T38 / T45 Extension MF Threaded Drill Rod With 10ft / 12ft Length For Benching

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Product Details

T38/T45 Extension and MF Drill Rod



Product introduction 

Drill rod usingT3 8/ T45 thread system.


With wrench flats to aid in coupling/decoupling of rods for extension drilling.


Used in benching and long hole drilling.


Drilling precision can be further improved by using this as the first rod in a normal drill string. Furthermore, since this is a speed rod design it will produce straighter holes and at least 10% higher penetration rate in good rock conditions compared to rod and coupling sleeve combination system


Basic Information


Product NameThreaded Drill Rod
ThreadR25 R28 R32 R38 T38 T45 T51
Diameter22mm, 25mm, 32mm, 35mm, 39mm, 46mm, 52mm
Length400mm - 5530mm
Drill Rod TypeDrifter Rod, Extension Rod, MF-Rod, Speed Rod, Hex Rod,
MaterialHigh strength alloy steel bar
ColorBlack or based on customer requirements.


T45  MF Rod

Length(mm)Length(Inch)Diameter(mm)Diameter(inch)Weight(kg)Part NumberProduct Code
15255461 4/ 521.24148300874MF46-T45-1525
18306461 4/ 524.64148300875MF46-T45-1830
305010461 4/ 538.24148300876MF46-T45-3050
366012461 4/ 5454148300877MF46-T45-3660
427014461 4/ 551.94148300878MF46-T45-4270
553018 1/7461 4/ 5664148300879MF46-T45-5530
609520461 4/ 572.34148300880MF46-T45-6095



• Underground mining
• Tunneling, quarrying

• Granite, Basalt, Limestone rock, etc.


Competitive Advantage

• High-grade raw material
• Manufactured from high-grade steel and processed using state-of-the-art CNC machinery

and heat treatment

• High strength chromium-molybdenum steel with high fatigue strength and excellent wear resistance.

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KSQ Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd. is a company that shall cater to the needs of the construction and mining industries, with consideration on providing solutions to the following unique problems:

  • Hazardous environment
  • Acts, regulations, and other government guidelines that have to be followed
  • Significant differences in the way people work, mostly due to physical constraints
  • Avoiding downtime on major equipment which can cost tens of thousands of dollars per hour. The best solution with the most reasonable cost is a significant driver.






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