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Hard Rock Stone Drilling Tools , Tungsten Carbide Thread Button Bit

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Hard Rock Stone Drilling Tools , Tungsten Carbide Thread Button Bit

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Categories Pneumatic & Air Tools

Product Details

Hard Rock Stone Drilling Tools , Tungsten Carbide Thread Button Bit


Button bit is well known for its high wear resistance on medium-hard to hard abrasive rock formations (between 200 Mpa to 260 Mpa compressive strength). Featuring spherical tungsten carbide inserts that is known to have strong configuration against carbide fracture.


• Widely used drifting and tunneling
• Bit face design is ideal for medium-hard to hard abrasive rock


Product Name:

different rock hardness drilling button bit


For different rock hardness mining,tunneling,quarrying button bit

Button bit Made with high quality of best quality alloy steel bar and tungsten carbide, through heat treatment.


Alloy steel bar and tungsten carbide bit


trial order 1-5pcs

Body Type

Normal type and retract type

Thread type




Button bit shape

Spherical and Ballistic

Face shape

Flat shape and Drop-center shape


Button bit and Insert types 
Spherical Button Characteristics:
1.Universal button 
2.Good wear resistance
3.Best suited for hard ground
4.27000-48000PSI(180 to 320Mpa)
5.Suited for abrasive to very abrasive drilling conditions

Ballistic Button Characteristics:
1.Fast Penetration
2.Best suited for soft rock
3.10000-20000PSI(70 to 140Mpa)
4.Suited for non-abrasive drilling conditions


Applications of  rock drilling tools

• Underground mining
• Tunneling,quarrying


Competitive Advantage

• High grade tungsten carbide inserts
• Bit bodies manufactured from high grade steel and processed using state-of-the-art CNC machinery and heat treatment


Our Services


KSQ Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd. is a company that shall cater to the needs of the construction and mining industries, with consideration on providing solutions to the following unique problems:

  • Hazardous environment
  • Acts, regulations, and other government guidelines that has to be followed
  • Significant differences in the way people work, mostly due to physical constraints
  • Avoiding downtime on major equipment which can cost tens of thousands of dollars per hour. The best solution with the most reasonable cost is a significant driver.
Company Information

  KSQ Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd. has significant experience and know-how in the supply of materials, components, finished goods, specially designed/engineered equipment, and services from China. The company caters to medium to large scale clients who are doing projects and capital expansion, as well as to firms who require support with consumable products, maintenance, and repair operations.

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