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Stainless 304 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Machine With Container Automatic Valve

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Stainless 304 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Machine With Container Automatic Valve

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Stainless Steel 304 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Machine With Container Automatic Valve



How Do I Know Which Size Unit to Buy?



General guidelines for modeling an RO system to take into consideration are the silt density index (SDI) measurement of the feed water after pretreatment. Derived from experien- ce, limits on permeate flux and element recovery for different types of waters are based on correlation of the SDI value with membrane fouling and mineral content with element re-covery, respectfully, for different types of waters. These ge- neral limits shown in Table 1 below serve as boundary condi-tions when designing a RO system. A system designed with high permeate flux rates for example is likely to experience higher fouling rates and more frequent chemical cleanings. Due to high salinity (>36,000 ppm TDS), seawater system de-signs are further limited by the osmotic pressure and durabi- lity of the membrane elements.




Material of reverse osmosis system?



We have different material for different application. Before choosing RO System and Type please contact with our Pro- fessional CHUNKE technical service.
1.Tanks: Fiber glass or Stainless Steel 304/316

2. Pipes: U-PVC or stainless steel filter

3. Frame: Stainless Steel 304 or 316

4. Filter Housing: U-PVC or SS304 or SS316

5. Memrane Housing: FRP or SS304 or SS316
Of course, every application is unique and we want to make sure you find the exact solution that you are looking for, so reach out to CHUNKE professional and ask all the questions you have to find your industrial water filtration solution.
Container list:





20-foot container (80% new)


1 set

Ventilation system: 1 air conditioner, 1 exhaust fan, 2 wall fans

Fire protection equipment: 2 fire extinguishers, 1 set of fire alarms

Decoration instructions: white paint is sprayed in the container, 4 mm thick aluminum skid plate is placed on the container floor, 2 fluorescent lamps are installed on the ceiling, and 4 waterproof sockets are installed on the container wall.



Water Treatment Plant Detailed Picture:

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