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Shijiazhuang lidle animal's pharmaceutcal co., LTD

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Shijiazhuang lidle animal's pharmaceutcal co., LTD

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ShijiaZhuang Leader animal's pharmaceutcal co., LTD. Is a collection of animal drugs, animal health products, feed additives, feed premix research and development, production, sales, service as one of the professional, modern high-tech enterprise, is the national ministry of agriculture GMP authentication enterprise.

The company was established in June 2005, we insist on do a product, establish a brand, develop a party market goal, after six years of development, with the high quality products and good service, the company has become China's most potential for development of large comprehensive enterprise. Over the past six years, company product successively in shandong, hebei, henan, jiangsu, northwest, northeast and been widely promotion. At present, the distribution network has been all over the country. Through the and north China pharmaceutical, nolato group, HuaShu pharmaceutical cooperation, the company has become the largest of antibiotic API vendors.

I company existing regular staff 160 people, all with college degree or above. Technology development personnel all has the university bachelor degree or above. Company and the China agricultural university, hebei agricultural university, nanjing agricultural university as well as other institutions of higher learning scientific research units for a wide range of cooperation and technology development. My company has always adhered to the technology and service to lead the market, let market ego is progenitive development concept, successfully developed the such as: flos ionicerae and fructus forsythiae blood coagulation g poison spirit, f, sunny, bar, one number, rod kill plough, phosphorous mildew rod out, call out of clear, g ball, lide growth peptide and other products, obtained the general export enterprise and the dealer, the mariculture operator highly recognized.

Enterprises are the pillar of the society, the enterprise is the family depend on. I company for each employee to provide a broad learning and development opportunities. For each employee to provide a display their wisdom and talent. Let each staff are put lidle as his home, the enterprise as his own business to do. Each lidle people bring casting lidle brand, create one hundred industry as the core idea of yourself. > I the company always adhere to high quality line, making, in order to constantly innovation, continuous development. United closely, forge ahead, in time of peace prepare for war, the drudgery of the enterprise spirit to make our company in the change of the market competition continuously improve the goal, constantly transcend myself, make lidle brand gradually become the industry's strong brand.


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Company Name: Shijiazhuang lidle animal's pharmaceutcal co., LTD
City: Shijiazhuang
Province: Hebei
Address: Shijiazhuang new stone road 358