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High precise Intelligent Non-contact SCR AC voltage stabilizer (3-2000KVA)

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High precise Intelligent Non-contact SCR AC voltage stabilizer (3-2000KVA)

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SK series non-contact regulator is an industrial level stabilizer designed for high-precision instruments
and extreme environment such as large fluctuations of the grid and voltage instantaneous mutation.It
has the world’s leading no contact technology which was independently developed by our factory.SK
intelligent non-contact voltage regulator adopts integrated circuit to control several thyristor voltage’s
zero off in a specific order, so as to change the size and polarity of the offset voltage, is the perfect
combination of thyristor AC switch technology and modern transformer technology.
Non-contact stabilizer uses high-power thyristors (SCR) instead of mechanical brushes to control the
regulator, is an advanced product which leads the development direction of high-power regulators. It's
energy saving with reliable performance, no pollution to the city grid, strong adaptability, and long
durability. It can work continuously for over 100,000 hours under harsh and complex grid environment.
It comes with 1.5% output precision and full electric protections against over voltage, low voltage, 
over-current, over load, over-temperature, phase-lacking, etc.
1. Product Introduction
SKS and SKD voltage optimizer is highly benificial when the electricity supply to the site is at a higher or lower voltage level than actual needed.
This system stabilizes the input voltage and generates a reliable ouput voltage to the residential, commercial or industrial site.Therefore, it can protect the load equipment, save energy and reduce electricity bill by decreasing power consumption.
2. Technical Parameter
Power: 3KVA - 50KVA ( single phase )
Center voltage ( voltage set point ) adjustable
Input voltage: 220V ± 20% ( 176 - 264V ) or 220V ± 30% ( 154 - 286V ) or larger range
Output voltage: 220V
Output accuracy: ±1% or ±2.5% ( ±1% to ±2.5% optional )
Power: 10KVA - 2000KVA ( three phase )
Center voltage ( voltage set point ) adjustable
Input voltage: 380V ± 20% ( 304 - 456V ) or 380V ± 30% ( 266 - 494V ) or larger range
Output voltage: 380V
Output accuracy: ±1% or ±2.5% ( ±1% to ±2.5% optional )
Working frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Response time: ≤10ms
Waveform distortion: No additional waveform distortion ( static )
Efficiency: ≥98%
Delay output: First regulation, then output ( protect equipment from shocks )
Protection Function: Default phase, over load, over current, over voltage, under voltage, short circuit and bypass protection.
3. Features & Benefits
Non-Contact / Brushless design
No relays
No contactors
No moving parts
Solid state high speed switching (microseconds) Silicon Controlled Rectifiers ( SCR )  to suppress harmonics and facilitate the balancing of loads
Failsafe Electronic by-pass
High Purity ( 99.9% ) electronically refined copper, first second, third windings
Cooling: With fan or without fan acceptable
99% typical efficiency with loadings from 15%-100%
All power passes through the voltage optimizer, which is connected downstream of the main switch and metering system of the main switchboard
Nippon Steel Z11 cold rolled grain oriented silicon electrical steel with low hysteresis
Extra function - Surge arrester inside to against the spikes
Extra function - Tempeature meter to show the temp. of the cabinet and inside components of the stabilizer
Extra function - Auto-manual bypass function-System automatically detect the malfuction, then go to bypass, this is called auto bypass; install a bypass switch ( isolator ) inside is called manual bypass.
Extra function - Digital panel control automatically monitor temperature, input voltage conditions, L1-L2-L3 and output pre-set L1-L2-L3 stabilized readings, output voltage ( per line ) can be independently 'fine tuned' from within front of cabinet
Extra function - Online / On-load 'Real Time' internet monitoring of power distribution system via RS-485 communication port via a web accessable Accuvin 11 high precision multifunction data logger




The series of stabilizers of the general type, the ideal voltage stabilized sources which can be widely applied to any occasions requiring power to assure the normal operation of your power driven equipment like 
*Elevators & escalators                       *Tele communication equipment

*Cement factory                                     *Readymade garment

*Textile machineries                            *Spinning machineries

*Weaving machineries                         *Knitting machineries

*Dyeing & finishing machineries        *Embroidery machine

*Label machine                                     *Pharmaceutical equipments

*Hospital & medical equipments       * Laboratory equipments

*Scientific equipments                         *Computer systems

*Color laboratory equipments            *Defense equipments

*Central air conditioning plant             *Injection mould machines







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