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Hubei PinYan Technology co.,ltd

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Hubei PinYan Technology co.,ltd is a factory specialized in grain processing machinery,with many years of experieces for complete set of rice mill projects, we always focuses on manufacturing world-class milling and sorting equipment and providing complete set customized solutions to the clients with latest technologies.

We dedicates to offer its customers solutions to reduce production costs, increase yields and create a higher value for their finished product. It has been assessed and found complying with ISO9001:2000 quality system, and has become one of the largest enterprises in China in terms of design, manufacture and sale of rice milling machines.

Our product range:

Paddy Cleaner  --  Grain Dryer  --  Destoner  --  Paddy Husker  --  Paddy Separator    --  Thickness Grader    --

Rice Whitener   --  Water Polisher  --  Length Grader  -  Color Sorter  --  Rice Packing Machine

Complete Set Auto Rice Mill Plant

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Company Name: Hubei PinYan Technology co.,ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.rice-mill-machine.com/