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Cixi Changling Electric Co., Ltd

Cixi Changling Electric Co., Ltd

About Us

   Cixi Changling ElectricCo., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production, sales, serviceprocessor, drinking fountains and water enterprise entities.

   Founded in 2004, located in Cixi City, Zhejiang Province town ofHoi Industrial Zone. Main: water dispenser, direct pipe drinkingfountains, wall intelligent CNC machine, RO water purifier, UFultrafiltration machines, energy (magnetic) water purificationmachines, central water processor family. Companies withoutstanding talent, and successfully developed a controlledmulti-function water, magnetic water, water purification, water,heating and refrigeration in one of the "straight pipe wallfountains," the product to fill the gap; independent patent andPCA in one of the drinking water, clean water, pure water,heating and cooling functions of the "portable lamps ----boiling water dispenser vertical straight line" production, theindustry was recognized as "innovative R & D enterprise."

   Company has three production lines fountains, a CFC-freecompressor cooling water dispenser-type production line, a waterprocessor production lines. Products have covered more thantwenty provinces, municipalities, and some products sell well inthe Middle East and Southeast Asian countries. Company wasselected as the "famous enterprises, Ningbo suppliers", alreadyhave products for large enterprises to provide OEM servicecapacity; products by the 3C certification, health permits, EANcertification.

   Changling people in the "learning, service, pragmatic, honest,"the enterprise spirit, will be bigger and stronger Changlingwater appliances for human health Green Energy contributeto a low

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Company info

Company Name: Cixi Changling Electric Co., Ltd
City: Taizhou
Province: Zhejiang
Country: China
Address: Industrial Park,Fuhai,Cixi City,Zhejiang,China
Website: http://www.cxxcwl.com/