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1" DIA PVC TRUE UNION Floating Ball Valve SOCKET ENDS , ASTM D 1785

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1" DIA PVC TRUE UNION Floating Ball Valve SOCKET ENDS , ASTM D 1785

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1" DIA PVC TRUE UNION Floating Ball Valve SOCKET ENDS , ASTM D 1785






Brief introduction:


1,   Compact ball valve is durable in usage for long time
2 ,  Compact ball valve is healthy to human body, harmless
3 ,  Light weight and high strength
4 ,  No vibration noise when it's used
5 ,  Compact ball valve is easy to be opened and closed
6 ,  Compact ball valve is easy to be installed
7 ,  Lowest leakage rate, 100%tested before packing
8 ,  The fluid resistance is small
9 ,   Valve Material: PVC 
10 ,  Handle material of ball valve: ABS, body material: PVC
11 ,  Alkali and acid resistance
12 ,  Soft color and execllent design
13 ,  Environment friendly, non-toxic
14 ,  Widly used in daily life: Construction, agricultural irrigation, industry, garden, swinming pool...
15 , These ball valve are offered in sizes ranging from 20mm to110mm(from 1/2'' to 4'')
16 ,  Working Pressure: 150PSI 
17 ,  Color Available: Green, grey, white, brown, blue 
18 ,  Certificate: ISO 9001,china test


Application: Water supply, water draining, farming, irrigation, Aquiculture, and water treatment and other fields

ODM and OEM are welcome. 







Full-Flow, Excellence Appearance, High-Strength, Corrosion

Resistance, Long Life

PTFE Ball Seat Seal, Low Torque

The Valve Base Can be Adjust Elastic by Manual

Release from the Central Valve Remained Intact, Can be Replaced

Embedded Platform for the Provision of Fringe Nut Copper to Facilitate the Installation of Automatic









Technical Specification                                       

Nominal pressure(Mpa)



Strength testing pressure(Mpa)



Low pressure seal test(Mpa)



High pressure seal test(Mpa)



Applicable medium

water, oil, gas, nitric acid, acetic acid

Applicable temperature




-  Anti-blowout Structure of Valve Stem

When medium pass through the valve, the pressure in valve body may possibly 

push the stem out, or when the valve is in repair, if there is pressure in the middle 

cavity, the stem or medium seems to easily fly out upon disassembling the valve, 

which can cause injures to human beings,


To prevent the possibilities, a dummy club is packing and thrust bearing are burnt 

or packing is damaged due to other causes, the pressure of medium in valve body 

will make the dummy club of valve stem in close contact with the upper seal face of 

valve body. 


Thus to prevent medium leaking out from the damage packing position.


-  Reliable Seal Structure

The seat is made of PTFE. Because the contact area between seat and the ball will 

becomes more high with rising of pressure of the middle cavity, 


Small Resistance ball valve has the smallest resistance of all the valve, in the case 

of reduced bore, the resistance is little still.


-  Prompt switch

The ball valve circumrotates in 90°,It work quickly to open or close.




Technical Specification

- Nominal diameter: 1/2”-25”

- Applicable Temperature: -29℃~425℃(steel) -40℃~550℃(stainless steel)

- Nominal pressure: 150lbs, 300lbs, 600Lb,900lbs,1500lbs PN16/25/40/64/100/160, JIS 5K /10K/20K

- Applicable Medium: water ,gas,oil,and other causticity medium.


Applications Standard

- Manufacture standard : API 608/ DIN/ BS/JIS

- Face to face dimension: ANSI B 16.10,API 6D/ DIN/ BS/JIS

- Flange dimension: ANSI B 16.5 MSS-SP-44/ DIN/ BS/JIS

- Test: API 598 API 6D/ DIN/ BS/JIS



Brief introduction:

The ball valve is designed and manufactured according well to API 608. Floating ball when small caliber, 

and fixed ball when large caliber. 


It has fire protection structure and antistatic device. Widely used for petroleum, chemistry, water 

treatment industries.




- Anti-blowout Structure of Valve Stem


When medium pass through the valve, the pressure in valve body may possibly push the stem out, or

 when the valve is in repair, if there is pressure in the middle cavity, the stem or medium seems to easily 

fly out upon disassembling the valve, which can cause injures to human beings, To prevent the 

possibilities, a dummy club is packing and thrust bearing are burnt or packing is damaged due to other 

causes, the pressure of medium in valve body will make the dummy club of valve stem in close contact 

with the upper seal face of valve body. Thus to prevent medium leaking out from the damage packing



- Reliable Seal Structure


The seat is made of PTFE. Because the contact area between seat and the ball will becomes more high

 with rising of pressure of the middle cavity, Small Resistance ball valve has the smallest resistance of all

 the valve, in the case of reduced bore, the resistance is little still.


-Prompt switch


The ball valve circumrotates in 90°,It work quickly to open or close.

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