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Electronic Sensor Parts High Performance Fuel Injector Replacement 23250-0V010

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Electronic Sensor Parts High Performance Fuel Injector Replacement 23250-0V010

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Product Details

Electronic Sensor Parts High Performance Fuel Injector Replacement 23250-0V010





Part Name:Fuel Injector Nozzle
Part Number:23250-0V010
Car Model:Toyota Camry Venza RAV4 Scion Avalon
Packing:Poly Bag
Set:1 Set 6 Pcs
Conditon:New or Renew



Applicable Model:


CAMRY 10-16 Fuel Injector; VIN F (5th digit), (2.5L, 4 cyl, 2ARFE engine)
VENZA 09-15 Fuel Injector; 2.7L (1ARFE engine, 4 cyl)
RAV4 09-11 Fuel Injector; 4 cyl (2ARFE engine)
SIENNA 11-13 Fuel Injector; 2.7L (1ARFE engine)
RAV4 12 Fuel Injector; (gasoline), 4 cyl (2ARFE engine)
SCION TC 11-15 Fuel Injector; (2ARFE engine)
RAV4 13-15 Fuel Injector; (gasoline), (4 cyl, 2ARFE engine)
HIGHLANDER 11-16 Fuel Injector; 2.7L
AVALON 13-16 Fuel Injector; 2.5L (2ARFXE engine, 4 cyl, hybrid)
CAMRY 12-16 Fuel Injector; VIN D (5th digit, hybrid), (2.5L, 4 cyl, 2ARFXE engine)
HIGHLANDER 09-10 Fuel Injector; 2.7L (VIN A, 5th digit)



Definition of a Fuel Injector:


The fuel injector is a small nozzle into which liquid fuel is injected at high pressure. It works like a spray nozzle of a pressure washer. The placement of the injector can be in a different part of the engine depending upon the type of fuel injection system is being used. High pressure from the fuel pump feeds the fuel to the fuel injector.



What Is the Function of a Fuel Injector?


The function of a fuel injector is to spray atomized fuel into the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine. Fuel injection became the primary fuel delivery system in automobiles starting in the mid-1980s. The spray from a fuel injector can be continuous or intermittent.

Fuel injection is a system that supplies a vehicle's fuel directly into the cylinders of into the intake manifold of the engine, eliminating the need for a carburetor. This intake manifold is found ahead of the cylinders in most fuel injected engines. How much gas is supplied to the engine is monitored by electronic sensors that ensure that the correct amount is available to meet the speed required. As long as the electronic sensor is working properly within the system, the chances of the automobile engine choking or flooding are almost non-existent.



When To Replace A Fuel Injector:


Here are 10 signs to look for when you need to replace a fuel injector or it needs service


1. Restrictions

2. Turbo Troubles

3. Heat Soak

4. Increase or Decrease in Long- and Short-Term Fuel Trims

5. Not Enough Resistance

6. Longer Crank Times

7. Failed Balance Tests

8. Misfire Codes

9. Vehicle Won’t Start With Full Tank

10. Lack of Maintenance



About us:


Our company specialized in auto spare parts over 15 years, supply all kinds of auto parts with rich experience , proven technique. Especially for chassis parts: engine mount, control arm, brake pads, brake disc, brake caliper, bearing , hub bearing, steering rack , tir rod end, rack end, ball joint, and electrical parts: sensor, clock spring, window switch, spark plug, ignition coil, injector, fuel pump, and lot of HONDA spare parts for Accord, Civic, Crv , Fit, City, Odyssey. We really hope we can make a forever business cooperation relationship and friendship.



Our Advantages:

1. Factory Price
2. Small Orders Are Also Welcome
3. Delivery On Time
4. OEM Supplier
5. Delivery On Time
6. Small Orders Are Also Welcome
7. Professional
8. Perfect Sale &After-Sale Service: Response Within 12 Hours



Contact us:


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us. We would be very glad to help you. We will get back to you within 24 hours or get back to you immediately.


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