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White Muscle Growth Steroids Ibutamoren Mesylate / Mk 677 Powder CAS 159752 10 0

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White Muscle Growth Steroids Ibutamoren Mesylate / Mk 677 Powder CAS 159752 10 0

Country/Region china
City & Province wuhan hubei
Categories Chemical Equipment

Product Details

Mk-677 Ibutamoren Mesylate CAS 159752-10-0 Anabolic Bodybuilding Steroids Mk 677


Quick detail

CAS NO.:159634-47-6
Molecular Formula:C27H36N4O5S
Molecular Weight:528.664
Appearance:White Powder
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade

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MK-677 Description

MK 677 Ibutamoren (Ibutamoren Mesylate) is a powerful supplement that you can use to improve your health to include metabolism, strength, longevity, bone density, and cognitive ability. It is also undergoing continuous research to investigate any benefits it may provide for the elderly, Alzheimer’s disease, and growth hormone deficiency.

This medication is sold over the counter and it can be taken orally. It is also very potent and long-lasting. Many companies market it as a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) which is increasing in popularity among bodybuilding products.


Mimics the growth hormone (GH)

Mk 677 Ibutamoren has been proven through studies to mimic the growth hormone (GH)-stimulating action of the peptide hormone ghrelin. This hormone is produced in the gastrointestinal tract when the stomach is empty. This is why ghrelin is often called the “hunger hormone”. When the stomach is stretched, this hormone is no longer produced. When an increased level of the hormone is present, it acts on the hypothalamic brain cells in the central nervous system to perform two functions. It works on the brain cells to increase hunger and it also increases gastric acid secretion and the gastrointestinal motility so that the body is prepared for food intake.


MK-677 Cycles

Here is an example of a Nutrobal + Cardarine + Andarine Cycle



Nutroba/ Mk-677



Anrdarine/ (S-4)

HCGenerate ESN2Guard

NOTE: Only ramp up andarine if you have the dosing schedule and side effects schedule properly planned. Otherwise, stick to a lower dose. See this andarine (s4) dosing schedule.Glossary:

ED = every day

mgs = milligrams

tabs = tablets

caps = capsules



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