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RAWA Group co.,ltd

RAWA Group co.,ltd

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In 2005 a new company named Rawa Group was established with international quality awareness. We are specifically engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of Fashion & Motorbike Leather / Textile Garments & Gloves. Our products are in Buffalo, Cow and Goat Leathers (Including Mild & Hide Leathers in any colors) Coudora 100 D, Flex fabrics, Mash Polyester and more. Our product ranges are;
  1. Men & Ladies Fashion Leather.
    1. Jackets
    2. Trousers
    3. Vest
    4. Long Coats
  2. Motorbike Textile / Leather.
    1. Suits
    2. Jackets
    3. Trousers
    4. Gloves
  3. Raining Garments.
    1. Jackets.
    2. Trousers
    3. Overalls
  4. Protection.
    1. Back Protector.
    2. Vest Protector.
    3. Protector Suit.
    4. Knee Protector.
    5. Shoulder Protector
In 1 Year we have built a reputation that has been matched by a few others in the industry. We changed our simplex management mode after an entire adjustment. Now in order to make our brands, we have a well-equipped and organized factory enabling us to manufacture up to 7,000 8,000 Garments & Gloves per month. We have services of highly experienced staff in the industry to ensure all orders are executed incompliance with customer needs. Solutions such as air ventilation, connection zippers, removable all weather inserts, etc. are all part of our understanding of functionality. We have a strict quality policy in place with highly experienced workers including a Chain System in our garments production line up. Our productions are famous for popular brand names of the world, which reveals the quality of our Leather / Textile Garments and Gloves as well as its workmanship. We are selling our products mainly towards Europe, East Europe and Australia. We travel frequently all over the world to find the latest trends in the fashion industry. In addition, we produce a collection ever season, which provides us an opportunity to keep in touch with the changing of the trends in the global market. We highly believe in providing fair and honest services to our valued costumers. We want to convince our costumers to buy high quality products in addition to relationship in prices and performances. Our philosophy is characterized by the permanent improvement of our products; this is determined by providing development and production.We would like to be your one stop source for all of your needs. If you do not find what you are looking for, please visit our web site or contact us by e-mail, so we can try to provide it for you with our Product Offer Sheets.

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Company Name: RAWA Group co.,ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.rawagroup.com/