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GMP Growth Hormone Peptides CJC 1295 With Dac 2mg White Powders 99% Purity

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GMP Growth Hormone Peptides CJC 1295 With Dac 2mg White Powders 99% Purity

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Product Details

GMP Growth Hormone Peptides CJC 1295 With Dac 2mg White Powders 99% Purity


CJC 1295 is a synthetically produced peptide which can increase your plasma growth hormone levels. CJC 1295 is usually injected into your body via a subcutaneous injection. CJC 1295 can increase your IGF-1 levels and GH (growth hormone) levels in humans and in animals. Normally there are two type of CJC 1295 which with DAC and without DAC. Adding DAC is in to increase the half-life of CJC-1295 to one week. So, your body is going to truly get the rush of all growth hormones, and benefits they promulgate.





As a user, you will not necessarily achieve overnight results for these peptides. Thus, patience is very important with CJC-1295. if that is what you are expecting, you should look elsewhere. In the meantime, those who use CJC-1295 consistently over time can expect better and harder sleep, fat loss, anti-aging, properties lean muscle mass growth, injury repair, and better vitality.



Proper dosage of CJC 1295


You need to mix this peptide with bacteriostatic water, and keep it in the fridge. You can inject it anywhere subcutaneously. For instance, a popular spot is the stomach fat around the belly button. CJC-1295 with DAC can be injected at a dosage of 2 mg every 3 days.


How to inject CJC-1295


For best results, subcutaneous injections are suggested. Wash your hands and gather all materials, also clean the vial with alcohol prior to injection. Simply use an insulin syringe so you can extract the desired dosage, and tap/flick the syringe, so you can remove unwanted bubbles.

To prevent infection it is best to use an alcohol pad to wipe the skin prior to injection. Gently insert the needle into the fat, and inject the contents in the syringe. Once completed, wipe the injection site with alcohol, and dispose of the syringe.



Product NameCJC-1295 with DAC
CAS No.863288-34-0
Molecular FormulaC159H258N46O45
Molecular Weight3534.03
Single Impurity(HPLC)0.01
Amino Acid Composition10% of theoretical
Peptide Content(N%)80%(by %N)
Water Content (Karl Fischer)0.06
Acetate Content(HPIC)0.15
Mass Balance95.0~105.0%
AppearanceWhite Powder
Quality StandardEnterprise standard


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