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1- Wire DS1402RP8 Touch And Hold Ibutton Key Fob Probe For DS1990

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1- Wire DS1402RP8 Touch And Hold Ibutton Key Fob Probe For DS1990

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
Categories Water Safety Products

Product Details

1- Wire DS1402RP8 Touch And Hold Ibutton Key Fob Probe For DS1990

The DS1402-RP8 cable is used to connect iButtons® to 1-Wire® masters, such as the LinkUSB. This cable is 2.4 m (8 ft) long when uncoiled, which is indicated by the "RP8" in the product name. One end of the cable can be used as either a dwelled or momentary contacModet for an iButton® in order to read information off of the iButton®. The other end of the cable is a modular connector for the 1-Wire® master.

Key Features:

1. Coiled Cables Provide Flexible Connection to Connect iButtons® and Capsule Products to 1-Wire® Networks
2. Convenient, Off-the-Shelf Connectivity
3. Multiple Connectors Maximize Battery Life
4. Momentary Contact
5. Dwelled Contact
6. Touch and Hold
7. Optional Adhesive Pad Simplifies Mounting

The DS1402 series of 1-Wire network cables provides connectivity to any USB, serial, or parallel port 1-Wire adapter. Both the iButton probe cables and the Blue Dot receptor cables can touch any iButton, but can only hold the F5 version iButtons. Applications of the DS1402-series 1-Wire network cables range from software protection and access control to asset management and thermal monitoring through handheld computers.



ModelCableIbutton (Version)
DS1402D-DB8+2.4m (8ft) cableany Ibutton
DS1402-BP8+2.4m (8ft) cableany Ibutton
DS1402-RP3+0.9m (3ft) cableany Ibutton
DS1402-RP8+2.4m (8ft) cableany Ibutton
DS1402-BR8+2.4m (8ft) cableany Ibutton
DS1402-RC3+0.9m (3ft) cableany Ibutton






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