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Electric Roller Type Mesh Belt Furnace 150-280 Kg/H Quenching Productivity

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Electric Roller Type Mesh Belt Furnace 150-280 Kg/H Quenching Productivity

Country/Region china
City & Province wuxi jiangsu
Categories Rubber Processing Machinery

Product Details

Electric Roller Type Mesh Belt Furnace

1.Buyer Requirement

1.1 product: self-tapping screw;

1.2 process: carburizing, bright quenching and tempering;

1.3 productivity: quenching: 150-280kg/h;


2. Specification

According to the buyer’s requirement, we recommend our customer to choose 600*6000mm support roller type electrical mesh belt furnace.


3. Equipment General Introduction and Main Features

1 General Introduction

1.1 The heat treatment line combines the advanced technologies from Taiwan. Its key parts are imported from overseas.

1.2 The production line is comprised of magnetic belt charging machine, pre-cleaning machine, support roller quenching furnace, quenching tank, oil removing stand, post-cleaning machine, support-roller mesh belt tempering furnace, and electrical control system.Features:

2.1 To meet the production needs of fastening parts, the furnace employs Taiwan technology, and improves its energy-saving effect in the area of refractory lining.

2.2 The production line employs low-voltage heating through the transformer to prolong the service life of the heating tubes.

2.3 The mesh belt is supported by the support rollers with synchronized movement so that the mesh belt bears a minimum tension.

2.4 The rollers are supported by special high-pressure sealed bearing.

2.5 The mesh belt is designed with abnormal transportation alarm device to assure the stable movement of the mesh belt.

2.6 The drip-in atmosphere is gasified by a gasifier and then sent into the furnace. The atmosphere is monitored and controlled continuously by an oxygen probe.

2.7 The hot mesh belt returns back to the entrance of the furnace and preheats the cold partss, which saves energy greatly.


4. Production Line Basic Parameters

4.1 Total loading power: 400kw; normal power: 200kw; power supply 3phase, 380v, 50Hz;  

4.2 Total length: about 37m;

4.3 Total weight:40000kg;


5. Equipment Specification

1 Working temperature:

Precleaning machine: 40~60℃; quenching furnace:820~950℃; quenching tank,60~80℃; post-cleaning machine: 40~60℃; tempering furnace: 200~450℃;

2 productivity

Quenching: 150-280kg/h ( varying with the workpiece size, weight, stacking method, and other related conditions)

3 furnace atmosphere

  Quenching furnace: methanol+propane+ammonia;

Tempering furnace: air

4 magnetic belt charging machine

Mesh belt width: 700mm

5 Precleaning machine

Mesh belt width : 600mm

Effective length: 2400mm

Tank volume: 2m3

6 Vibration distribution machine

Exit width: 400mm

7 Mesh belt type quenching furnace

Mesh belt width: 600 mm

  Inlet length: 2000 mm

  Preheating belt length: 1500mm

  Working area length: 6000mm

  Effective height: 100mm

8 quenching oil tank

  Mesh belt width : 1000mm

Oil tank depth: 2000mm

Oil tank length: 4200mm

Tank volume: 12 m3

9 Oil removing stand

Mesh belt width : 900mm

10 Post-cleaning machine

Mesh belt width : 900mm

Effective length: 2400mm

Tank volume: 2m3

11 mesh belt tempering furnace

  Effective height: 100mm

  Mesh belt width : 850mm

Heating area length: 6000mm


6. Production Line Power and Energy Consumption

6.1 power

Heating power: 380V±10%, 3 phase, AC, 50HZ;

Measuring and control system: 220V±10%, 50HZ

Heating system:about 372kW

Driving system power and other consumption spots: about 28kW

Power supply of the whole line: about 400kW

Power consumption at normal working: about 180kW

6.2 atmosphere inlet pipe parameters

Methanol inlet pipe: 2-3 L/h ; ≥0.04 Mpa;

Propane inlet pipe: automatic control with supply ≤500L/h; supply pressure ≥0.04Mpa;

Ammonia inlet pipe: 3m3/h;

6.3 cooling water

Water quality: according to state standard low-calcium industrial circulating water;

Suspended substance: max 10mg /L;

Filter mesh belt hole size: max 0.3mm;

Inlet temperature: (max) 30℃(in summer)

Inlet temperature: (min)5℃ (in winter)

Temperature difference: 10℃

Inlet pressure: 0.2 Mpa

Max water consumption: about 40m3/h (circulating use)

6.4 Supplementary Equipment ( supplied by the buyer)

The cooled water tank and cooling tower are usually mounted outside the workshop

but near the production line. The cooling power capacity should be ≥40m3/h.


7. Technical Specification Per Unit


Magnetic Belt Charging Machine

The charging machine is comprised of magnetic belt conveyance system, frame, magnetic belt and driving system. The machine frame is made from sectional steel and steel plates.

1 Chain and sprocket wheel: P=25.4mm, 1 set;

2 reducing gear, 0.55kw, 1 set

3 magnetic belt: 700*3450*1/2mm (SUS304) 1 piece

4 Strong force magnetic steel: 28*26*12 1 group;

5 Vibration motor: 250W, 1 set;

6 hydraulic station: 16Mpa/cm2 2.2kw, 1 set;

7 hydraulic oil cylinder: ¢80*800mm 1 set;


Mesh Belt Type Pre-cleaning Machine

The mesh belt cleaning machine is of the immersion type. It has 3 working positions which are immersing and cleaning, soap water jetting, and strong-air drying. The charging machine is equipped with the strong force nozzle. And it is flanked by one water oil separation tank and one oil collection tank. The oil collected could be used.

  • tank body

The cleaning tank body is fabricated from steel plates and sectional steel which are welded together.

2 mesh belt driving device

Mesh belt: 600*7200*2/3mm 1 piece;

Chain and sprocket wheel : P=25.4mm, 1 set;

 Reducing gear: 0.55kW, 1 set;

3 cleaning tank volume: 2000L;

4 cleaning jetting pump: 2.2kW 1 set;

Copper nozzle, several;  

5 heating device: 380V/4kW, 6 pieces, 24KW in total;

6 oil and water separation tank

 Oil and water separator, 1 set;

Gear motor, 0.10kW 1 set;

7 drying fan at the exit, , 1 set;

8 temperature controller, Honeywell 1 set;

Thermal resistor, PT100, 1 piece;

9 Driving detection device, Omron, 1 set;

10 liquid valve d=15 1 piece;

11 Overloading protector, 1 set;


Vibration Distribution Machine

1 vibration silo 1piece;

2 vibration motor 150W, 2 sets;


Mesh Belt Quenching Furnace  

The quenching furnace is the key part of the production line. It is comprised of furnace shell, front machine stand, heat preservation material, heating device, temperature control device, and atmosphere supply device.

1 Main parameters:

 Mesh belt width :600mm

 Working area length: 6000mm

Entrance length: 2000mm

Preheating area length: 1500mm

 Temperature control: 4-zone PID control;

 Rated power: 180KW

Furnace temperature uniformity:≤±5℃ temperature uniformity for the same section:≤±3℃; furnace outer wall temperature rise: ≤50℃

2 mesh belt driving device

2.1 The parts are conveyed through the mesh belt.

2.2 The mesh belt is supported by the support rollers with synchronized movement. The mesh belt is of the front-driven type, and thus bears a minimal tensile force at high temperature.

2.3 mesh belt driving speed:50~220mm/min, inverter control;

2.4 mesh belt: 600*22000*2/3mm; 1 piece;

2.5 support rollers

Preheating upper rollers, ¢50 SUS304 5 pieces;

Preheating lower rollers, ¢87mm SUS304 3 pieces;

Upper rollers, ¢50mm SUS310 19 pieces

Lower rollers, ¢87mm SUS310 7 pieces

Rear driving roller, ¢203mm SUS310 1 piece

2.6 chain and sprocket wheel, P=19.05mm, 1 set

2.7 reducer, 0.75kW 1 set;

2.8 inverter, Mitsubishi, 1 set;

2.9 mesh belt driving detection device, 1 set;

3 heat preservation material

3.1 The inside roof wall is lined with 1400 high temperature silicate aluminum + 1260 silicate aluminum cera blanket. The lining material is fixed by ¢8mm rods and SUS310 anchoring parts.

3.2 The furnace side walls are lined with Isolite anti-carburizing bricks, heat preservation bricks and heat preservation boards. The lining thickness is 395mm.

3.3 The refractory adhesive is P-150 (Japan brand). It has the characteristics of stronger bonding effect at higher temperature.

4 heating device: electrical heat radiation tubes.

4.1 The electrical heating tubes are installed in the upper and lower wall of the hearth. The heating system works with low voltage power supply, and the furnace doesn’t need to be stopped when replacing the heating tubes.

4.2 electrical heat radiation tubes, 36 sets;

a) outer pipe: ¢122*1425*4mm (SUS310S), 36 pieces;

b) heating tube core: OCr21Al6Nb, 36 pieces;

c) insulation parts (corundum): 36 pieces;

4.3 thermal couple WRN430 K type, 4 pieces;

4.4 Each zone is set with an independent transformer. The heat radiation tube is in parallel connection, and doesn’t interfere with each other. The heat radiation tubes are easily maintained.

  • Mixing fan (NSK bearing with water cooling system), 2 sets;

vanes (shaft and vanes), 2 pieces;

bearing, NSK, 4 sets;

motor, 1.5kw, 2 sets;

6 exhaust fume device ( removing and burning the fume of the furnace and the oil tank)

Air pump, 250W, 1 set

7 water cooling heat isolation protection board on the loading side of the front stand, 1 piece;

8 furnace door

a) movable furnace door at the furnace mouth, 1 set;

b) soft curtain door inside the furnace, 4 pieces;

9 dust removal hole, 12 pieces;

The dust holes are set at the lower part of the two side walls of the preheating and the heating section. The dust hole is blocked with a plug made of the heat preservation fiber and cover plate. The plug is fixed by the lever mechanism, and is easy to be removed.

10 The furnace door is also equipped with 1 fire curtain to heat the cleaning liquid in the cleaning tank.

11 atmosphere supply device

atmosphere supply: drip-in type: methanol+propane+ammonia;

11.1 Atmosphere control:

Oxygen probe, marathon, USA, 1 piece;

Carbon potential controller, Eurotherm, 1 set;

Proportional valve, Burket, Germany, 1 piece;

Methanol flow meter, 4 sets;

Ammonia flow meter, 1 set;

Propane flow meter, 4 sets;

Reference air flow meter, 2 sets

Air pump, 8W, 2 sets

  • Safety

The two side walls of the preheating and heating section are both protected through the perforated cover plate.

13 mesh belt driving device, Omron, 1 set;



Quenching Tank

The oil quenching tank is comprised of tank body, elevator, heating system, circulating cooling system and driving device. The quenching medium is brightening quenching oil. The tank body is made of 5mm steel plate and sectional steel. There is one cleaning widow at the lower part of the body for easy cleaning.

1 The tank volume is about 12000L.

2 driving device (through mesh belt and chain)

  Mesh belt width: 1000mm

Mesh belt: 1000*14250*1.5/2m 1 pieces;

Chain and sprocket wheel:P=76.2mm 1 set;

Reducing gear:0.75 kW, 1 set;

quenching liquid circulation system

The quenching tank is also set with one circulation cooling pump to prevent overshooting temperature of the oil. This pump is automatically started when the oil temperature is over the limit.

Cooling pump, 2.2Kw d=65mm, 1 set;

4 oil curtain and jetting device

To prevent the oil from entering the hearth, there is one oil film. The parts are cooled by the oil jetting pump.

Oil jetting pump, 4.0kW, d=80mm, 1 set;

5 quenching liquid temperature control device

Heater, 380V/4kW 9 pieces;

 Plate type heat exchanger, 12m2, 1 set;

Thermal resistor, PT100, 1 piece;

6 level controller: controlling the upper and lower level limit; an alarm supplied;7 mesh belt driving device, Omron, 1 set;

7 overloading protector, 1 piece;


Oil-removing Stand

 Conveyance stand: horizontal structure, 1 set;

Driving device: through mesh belt and chain mechanism;

Mesh belt width: 900mm, 1 piece;

Chain and sprocket wheel: P=76.2mm 1 set;

mesh belt 900*5400*1.5/2mm 1 piece;

reducing gear 0.75kW 1 set;


Post-cleaning Machine

1 The mesh belt cleaning machine has 3 working positions, immersion cleaning, jetting and air drying. The cleaning machine is flanked with an oil and water separation tank and oil collection device. It has the advantages of a good cleaning effect and environment-friendliness.

2 mesh belt driving device

Mesh belt: 900*7200*1.6/2.5mm 1 piece;

Chain and sprocket wheel: P=76.2mm 1 set;

 Reducing gear: 0.55kW, 1 set;

3 cleaning tank volume: 2000L;

4 cleaning jetting pump: 2.2 kW, 1 set;  

5 heating device: 380V/4kW, 6 pieces, 24KW in total;

Thermal couple, PT100, 1 piece;

Temperature controller, Honeywell, 1 piece

6 oil and water separation tank

Overflow type oil and water separator, 1 set;

Water pump: 0.37kW, 1 set;

7 drying fan at the exit: 1 set;

8 mesh belt driving fault detection device, Omron, 1 group;

9 liquid level valve, d=15, 1 piece;

10 overloading protector, 1 piece;


Mesh Belt Tempering Furnace

The mesh belt tempering furnace heats the parts from its top and bottom wall. Each heating zone has 1 air circulation fan for improving the temperature uniformity inside the furnace.

1 main parameters

1.1 Mesh belt width: 850mm

1.2 heating area length: 6000mm

1.3 rated power: 120kW

1.4 heating control: 3-zone PID control;
1.5 furnace temperature uniformity:≤±5℃, furnace outer wall temperature rise: ≤45℃;

2 mesh belt driving device

2.1 The mesh belt is driven by the support rollers. The mesh belt is of the rear-driven type, and thus bears a minimal tensile force at high temperature.

2.2 mesh belt driving speed::25~120mm/min, inverter control;

2.3 mesh belt: 850*18000*1.5/2.5mm, 1 piece;

2.4 support roller: ¢50mm 24 pieces;

2.5 heat radiation seat, 48 pieces;

2.5 bearing, UCFL207 48 sets;

2.6 chain and sprocket wheel P=19.05mm 1 set

2.7 Reducing gear: 0.75kW, 1 set;

3 heat preservation material: heat preservation bricks and refractor fiber, 1 set;

4 electrical heat radiation tubes, 220V/1.5kW, 81pieces;

5 temperature control device

5.1 temperature controller, Honeywell, 3 sets;

5.2 thermal couple, K type, 3 pieces;

  • forced recycling fan, 3 sets;
    • vane shaft, SUS304 3 pieces;
    • centrifugal vanves, SUS304, 3 pieces;
    • bearing, (NSK) UCFY211/209, 6 sets;
    • motor, 1.5kw, 3 sets;
    • mesh belt driving detection device, Omron, 1 group;



Computerized Electrical Control

Electrical control cabinet (collective wiring)

Electrical control cabinet, 1000*700*2000mm,4 pieces;

The whole production process is controlled by the PLC system. The control system has the alarm for over temperature, and level and driving fault, and also the safety interlink. There is one touch screen for observation of the real time working performance.


8. Equipment Parts List

Magnetic Belt Charging Machine
1Steel structure Q235AllFrom the market 
2Hydraulic station 16Mpa/cm2, 2.2kW1 setShanghai 
3Hydraulic cylinder ¢80*800mm1 setShanghai 
4Vibration motor 250W1 setHai’an 
5Magnetic belt SUS304 700*3450*1/1.51 setKaisai Metal, JapanSus304
6Magnetic steel 28*26*8mm1 groupNanjing 
7Reducing gear 0.75kW1 setPaiqi, Shanghai 
8Chain and sprocket wheel P=25.4mm1 setSuzhou 
9Operation box1 setFactory make 
10Driving detection device1 setOmron 
Pre-cleaning Machine
1Common steel Q235 4mmAllFrom the market 
2Mesh belt 600*7200*1.5/2.5mm1 pieceKansai metal, JapanSUS201
3chain and sprocket wheel P=76.2mmAllSuzhou 
4Oil and water separator 0.37kW1 setImported technology 
5Reducer 0.55kW1 setChengta, Taiwan 
6Heating tube 380V/4Kw L=700mmAllSuzhou 
7Overloading protector1 setImported technology 
8Special pipesAllFrom the market 

Water jetting pump

IRG-50 2.2kW

1 setHulian, Shanghai 
10Bearing UCP/UCK4 setsNan’an, Fujian 
11High pressure fan 0.75kW1 setYingda, Shanghai 
12Thermal resistor PT100 L=700mm1 pieceShanghai 
13Driving fault detection device1 setOmron 
Vibration Distributor
1Common steel Q235AllWu’han Steel and Iron Group 
2Vibrator 150W2 setsShaoxing 
Quenching Furnace
1Furnace shellCommon steel Q235 8mmAllFrom the market 
Heat resistant steel SUS310SAllJapan 
2LiningHeat resistant steel SUS310SAllJapan 
High-aluminum fiber acupuncture blanketAllIsolite, Japan 
Cera-blanket 1400AllIsolite, Japan 
Cera-blanket 1260AllIsolite, Japan 
Heat preservation board 1000AllIsolite, Japan 
Anti-penetration LBK23AllIsolite, Japan 
Channel brick LBK28AllIsolite, Japan 
Adhesive HAS1650AllJapan 
3Heating tubeOuter pipe ¢122*122538 setsJapan 
Core stand corundum38 setsYixing 
Heating element 0Cr21Al6Nb38 setsBeijing 
4Driving deviceUpper preheating area roller ¢50mm5pcsWuxiSUS310
Lower preheating area roller ¢87mm3 pcsWuxiSUS304
Upper heating area roller19 pcsWuxiSUS310
Lower heating area roller7 pcsWuxiSUS310
Rear driving roller ¢203mm1 pcWuxiSUS310
Heat radiation seat aluminum alloy38 piecesSuzhou 
Bearing UCFL20768 setsNSK 
Bearing UCF2102 setsNan’an, Fujian 
Chain and sprocket wheel P=19.05mmAllSuzhou 
Reducing gear 0.75kW1 setChengta, Taiwan 
Mesh belt SUS314 600*18000*2/2.5mm1 pieceKansai, Japan 
5Furnace Inside heat resistant steel SUS310SAll  



PipesAllFrom the market 
Methanol Flow meter DK8008 setsChangzhouGermann technology
Oxygen probe T/C-K-61 pieceMarathonUSA
Solenoid valve d=1/42 setsBurketGermany
Maintenance apparatus1 setFactory-make 
7Circulation fan

vanes+shaft SUS310


2 piecesWUXI 
Motor 1.5kW2 piecesTeco, Taiwan 
Bearing UCFY211,2092 sets for eachNSK, Japan 
8Transformer 380V/130-210V4 setsSuzhou 
9Thermal couple K type 1000℃ L=750mm4 pcsShanghai 
10Driving fault detection device1 setOmron 
Quenching Tank
1Common steel Q235 6mmAllFrom the market 
2Mesh belt 100*14600*1.5/2.5mm1 pieceKansai, JapanSUS201
3Electrical heating tube 380/4KW L=900mm9piecesSuzhou 
4reducing gear 0.75kW1 setChengta, Taiwan 
5Chain and sprocket wheel P=76.2mmAllSuzhou 
6Heat exchanger 12m21 setSuzhouSUS304
7Overloading protector1 setImported technology 
8circulating pump 4.0KW1 setHulian, Shanghai 
9mixing pump 2.2KW1 setHulian, Shanghai 
10Pressure gauge 0-0.5Mpa ¢602 piecesSuzhou 
11High pressure fan 1.1kW1 setYingda, Shanghai 
12Thermal resistor PT100 L=900mm1 pieceShanghai 
13Overloading protector1 setImported technology 
14Driving fault detection device1 setOmron 
Oil Removing Stand
1Common steel Q235 5mmAllFrom the market 
2mesh belt 900*5400*1.5/2.5mm1 pieceShuangxingSUS201
3chain and sprocket wheel P=76.2mmAllSuzhou 
4Bearing UCP/UCT2104 setsNan’an 
5Reducing gear 0.75kw1 setChengta Gear, Taiwan 
6Overloading protector1 setImported technology 
7Driving fault detection device1 setOmron 
Post-cleaning Machine
1Common steel Q235 4mmAllFrom the market 
2Stainless steel SUS304AllJapan 
3Mesh belt 900*72000*1.5/2.5mm1 pieceKansai, JapanSUS201
4Heating tube 380V/4kw6 piecesSuzhou 
5chain and sprocket wheel P=76.2mm1 setSuzhou 
6Oil and water separator 0.37kW1 setImported technologySUS304
7reducing gear 0.75kw1 setChengta, Taiwan 
8Overloading protector1 setImported technolgoy 
9Jetting Pump IRG-50 2.2kW1 setChuanyuan, Taiwan 
10Pressure gauge 0-0.5Mpa ¢601 setSuzhou 
11Special pipesAllFrom the market 
12Bearing UCP/UCK4 setsNan’an, Fujian 
13High pressure fan 1.1kW1 setYingda, Shanghai 
14Thermal resistor PT100 L=700mm1 pieceShanghai 
15Driving fault detection device1 setOmron 
Tempering Furnace
1Common steel 6mmAllMarket 
2Air guide plate SUS304AllShanghai 

Heat preservation brick

T6 0.6

Silicate aluminum fiber 1260AllShandong 
4Heating tube 220V/1.5kW81pcsSuzhouSUS304
5FanMotor 1.5kW3 setsTeco, Taiwan 
Vane and shaft SUS3043 setsFactory-make 
bearing UCFY211/2093 sets eachNSK, Japan 



Support roller ¢50mm32 piecesWuxiSUS304
Bearing UCFL20764 setsKaifeng 
Heat radiation seat aluminum alloy64 piecesSuzhou 
Mesh belt 850*22000*1.6/2.5mm1 pcKansai, JapanSUS304
Chain and sprocket wheel P=19.05mmAllSuzhou 
Reducing gear 0.75kW1 setChengta, Taiwan 
7Thermal couple K type 800℃ L=750mm3 pcsChongqing 
8Driving fault detection device1 setOmron 
Electrical control
1Control cabinet1 setSuzhouPlastic-sparying
Electrical Instruments
1Digital temperature controller (pre-cleaning machine) DC1040C1 setRKC, Japan 
Digital temperature controller (quenching furnace) DC1040C5 setsRKC, Japan 
Digital temperature controller(quenching tank) DC1040C1 setRKC, Japan 
Digital temperature controller(post-cleaning machine) DC1040C1 setRKC, Japan 
Digital temperature controller(tempering furnace) DC1040C3 setsRKC, Japan 
2Paperless temperature recorder 8-points1 setJapan 
3Circuit breaker C65AD seriesAllSiemens 
4Contactor 3TB series AC 220VAllSiemens 
5Contactor 3TF series AC 220VAllSiemens 
6Relay MY2N AC 220VAllSiemens 
7Heat relay 3UA5040 seriesAllSiemens 
8AC ammeter 6L2-AAllSuzhou 
9AC voltmeter 6L2-VAllSuzhou 
10Power consumption meter DT862 series1 setCHINT 
11Indication lightAllShanghai 
12Rotary switchAllShanghai 

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