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( Hot) 165 70 r13 - 185 60 r14 BCT Passenger Radial Car Tyres S600

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( Hot) 165 70 r13 - 185 60 r14 BCT Passenger Radial Car Tyres S600

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(Hot) 165 70 r13 - 185 60 r14 BCT Passenger Radial Car Tyres S600


ModelBrandDescriptionFeaturePerformanceUse feelings
S600BCTMute comfortPattern shapeDifferent pitch
tread blocks layout

Effective inhibition
of the tread and the road
surface resonance, reduce noise

Feel comfortable
driving pleasure
in a quiet environment

Cornering expertsHigh rigidity tire shoulder
tread block design
Greatly enhance
the steering
and handling precision

Strong bend
with perfect handling

Safe drainagePattern designThree longitudinal tread
groove design
Greatly enhances
the drainage
of the tire

Excellent braking
on slipperysurfaces

Fuel-efficient and
durableTread formula
Silicon wear resistant 
tread design
Significantly reduce
rolling resistance, 
enhance tire wear
Saving on fuel
with longer mileage 


S600 Specifications
CategorySIZEBRANDLoadLoadSRPatternRim Diameter(inches)Max.Load(kg)Inflation Pressure(kpa)Max.Speed(km)
Passenger Car Tyres165/70R13 BCT79T79  TS6005437250190
175/70R13 BCT82T82  TS6005475250190
175/60R13 BCT77H77HS6005412250210
185/70R13 BCT86T86  TS6005.5530250190
155/65R13  BCT73H73  HS6004.5365250210
185/60R14 BCT82H82  HS6005.5475250210
195/60R14 BCT86H86  HS6006530250210
175/60R14BCT79H 79  H S6005437250210
175/65R14 BCT82H82  HS6005475250210
185/65R14 BCT86H 86  H S6005.5530250210
195/65R14 BCT89H 89  H S6006580250210
185/70R14  BCT88H88  HS6005.5560250210
195/70R14  BCT91T91  TS6006615250190
205/70R14  BCT95T95  TS6006690250190
195/65R15 BCT91H 91  H S6006615250210
195/65R15 BCT91V 91  V S6006615250240
195/55R15 BCT85V85  VS6006515250240
195/60R15  BCT88H88  HS6006560250210
195/60R15 BCT88V88  VS6006560250240
205/60R15BCT 91H91  HS6006615250210
205/60R15 BCT 91V 91  V S6006615250240
205/65R15BCT94H 94  H S6006670250210
205/65R15BCT94V 94  V S6006670250240
205/70R15 BCT96T96  TS6006710250190
215/70R15 BCT98H98  HS6006.5750250210
215/70R15 BCT98T 98  T S6006.5750250190
185/65R15  BCT88H88  HS6005.5560250210
185/60R15BCT84H 84  H S6005.5500250210
215/65R15 BCT100H100HS6006.5800290210
205/55R16BCT91W 91  W S6006.5615250270
215/55R16  BCT93H93  HS6007650250210
215/55R16 BCT97V 97  V S6007730290240
215/65R16  BCT98H98  HS6006.5750250210
205/60R16  BCT92H92  HS6006630250210
205/60R16BCT92V 92  V S6006630250240
215/60R16  BCT95H95  HS6006.5690250210
225/60R16  BCT98H98  HS6006.5750250210
225/60R16  BCT98V98  VS6006.5750250240
235/60R16  BCT100H100HS6007800250210
235/60R16 BCT100V100   VS6007800250240

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